You have no doubt heard it declared that routine air conditioning maintenance is an absolute necessity if you hope to get the best performance that your home cooling system has to offer. We are certainly not going to argue the accuracy of that point. What we will do, though, is remind you that there is something important to do on your own in between your scheduled HVAC maintenance services.

That is to change your air filter regularly. If the air filter used by your air conditioner in Houston, TX is clogged up due to infrequent changes, you can encounter a number of different problems. Read on to learn more about the issues that may develop. If you have any questions regarding the changing of your air filter, contact the professionals on our staff for the answers that you need.

Reduced Efficiency, Low Indoor Air Quality, Performance Issues

Think about blowing air through a straw. Now think about doing the same thing when the straw is bent or has something jammed inside of it. It’s harder to do then, right? Well, the same principle applies to your air conditioning system and its filter. All of the air that is cooled by your AC passes through this filter before being distributed throughout your home. If the filter is clogged up, your air conditioner is going to have to work harder than it should have to in order to force air through it, and that can result in higher energy costs.

You may also notice that your air quality is suffering. This could be due to the fact that your filter is so clogged that air is moving around it, rather than through it. Eventually, circumventing the filter entirely may be the path of least resistance. When that happens, there is nothing between the pollutants in the air and your living space.

Finally, there is the fact that decreased airflow caused the dirty filter could cause the evaporator coil to ice up. This coils draws heat out of the air. If not able to do so effectively, it may wind up getting too cold, and the condensation on the coil can freeze. This makes it harder for your system to cool your home, and the ice acts as an insulator that only exacerbates the problem.

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We all want to be comfortable in our homes, but we also want to know for sure that our homes are healthful environments. Toward this goal, your air conditioner alone is just not enough. If you have certain issues in your living space, you may benefit greatly from the use of UV germicidal lights in Houston, TX.

UV germicidal lights may not be necessary in every home, and they are not going to solve every indoor air quality issue. If after reading this information, though, you suspect that a UV air purifier is what you need, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you improve your living conditions.

Combating Biological Pollutants

Air filters trap pollutants that are in the air as the air passes over their filtering media. Electronic air purifiers take a more active approach, giving pollutants an electric charge through an ionization process, and trapping those pollutants on an oppositely charged collector plate. Neither of these approaches, though, are ideal for dealing with biological pollutants in one’s home.

Biological pollutants include microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. These materials are living entities, and as such, they cannot simply be removed from the air. They must be destroyed, because otherwise they can go about reproducing in the air within your home.

While some air filters may be efficient enough to remove biological pollutants, they are generally too efficient for use with residential heating and cooling systems. Even if they are trapped, they can reproduce from their prison. UV air filters resolve the problem by destroying these pollutants, and rendering them incapable or reproduction. The small amounts of UV radiation emitted by these UV air purifiers, which are completely harmless to people, pets, and children, allow for the effective destruction of biological contaminants. This can eliminate many issues with asthma and allergy symptoms, and can prevent the proliferation of mold in your home.

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