Heat pumps can be great systems for homes, but sometimes, in areas where the weather can run below 32 degrees, a heat pump can struggle to keep your home warm. It may seem like this scenario rules out a heat pump as an effective heating mechanism, but it doesn’t – not if you choose a hybrid heating system in Tomball. A hybrid system combines a heat pump with a back-up fuel-burning system, which is typically a furnace. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a heat pump while having the assurance of a back-up system should temperatures drop below freezing. Hybrid systems are complex, as they require working knowledge of both heat pumps and furnaces, so it’s important to hire a trained professional for installation. If you think a hybrid system may be for you, call the NATE-certified technicians at Expert Air today.

How Does a Hybrid Heat System Work?

As mentioned above, a hybrid system combines the use of a heat pump with a back-up heating system, most commonly a furnace. The heat pump is the main heating device for the system, and is set outside your home in a metal cabinet; the indoor unit consists of a gas furnace with a coil. The outdoor unit is equipped with a sensor that tracks the outdoor temperature. Indoors, you will have a dual fuel-mode thermostat that works in conjunction with the outdoor sensor. At installation, the system is programmed with a set-point temperature – the temperature at which the system is to switch from using the heat pump to using the gas furnace. Recommendations for the set-point temperature are a few degrees above the freezing point. When the sensor detects the outdoor temperature has reached the set-point temperature, the system will automatically switch from the heat pump to the furnace.

What Are the Benefits of a Hybrid Heating System?

  • Comfort – with the heat pump, you’ll stay warm in chilly weather with a low, continuous air flow, and in very cold weather, you’ll enjoy the higher level of heat from the furnace.
  • Convenience – enjoy the benefits of both systems without having to switch them yourself.
  • Energy efficiency – heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to run, and the furnace will only operate when necessary. This can keep your fuel costs low during the winter.

A hybrid heating system in Tomball can offer you the best of both worlds.

If hybrid heating sounds like a heating system that your home could benefit from, call Expert Air today and schedule an appointment with one of our certified installation experts.

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Even though the heavy winter weather is still a few months off, you will probably need to turn your furnace on sooner than you think. And one of the last things you want to happen when you do turn the furnace on is to have it start malfunctioning, or even to refuse to turn on at all.

But there is an easy way to prevent the surprises and unpleasant faults in a furnace that can lead to emergency repair calls: schedule fall maintenance for your furnace. Maintenance is necessary for your heating system every year, and fall is the ideal time for you to have it done since it provides you enough time to arrange for the necessary repair work, and it is also a less busy time for technicians, making it easier for you to schedule the work.

Expert Air has 40 years of experience keeping furnaces working through the winter. Call us today to arrange for furnace maintenance in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

How regular maintenance helps prevent repairs

During a maintenance visit from a professional furnace technician, the system will receive a thorough inspection and tune-up that will reduce the mechanical stress on the furnace and lower the amount of repairs it needs. Approximately 85% of the repair jobs a furnace might encounter during its lifetime stem from problems that regular maintenance could have caught before they became repair issues.

For example, the motor that runs the blower fan in a furnace is susceptible to damage from mechanical stress due to loss of lubrication or excess dust and dirt in the cabinet. During maintenance, the technician will check on the motor to see if it needs cleaning or new lubrication.

Other components that maintenance technicians will look at in a furnace to see if they need repairs or replacements: electrical connections, the ignition/pilot light, heat exchanger, burner, air handler. The technician will also look over the thermostat to see that it doesn’t require recalibration.

Once the maintenance session is done, the furnace will be working with the minimal amount of stress on its components possible. This not only means fewer repairs, it also means a more efficient and safer furnace over all.

Make sure to schedule furnace maintenance in Houston, TX during the fall, so you will have everything ready for the first days of cold weather. Best of all, you will have the peace of mind that your furnace is in the finest shape possible to make it through the winter.

Call Expert Air to sign up for membership in our maintenance program. Participants receive priority service, a 5% discount on new equipment, waived diagnostic fees, and a 15% savings on repairs.

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