The attic of a home is a major heat trap. During summer, the temperature can climb to blistering highs above 120°F. Unfortunately, it isn’t a completely effective trap: the heat from the attic will clamber down into the lower levels of a house, where it can easily cause uncomfortable shifts of 10°F, more than enough to put a heavy strain on an air conditioning.

Proper insulation in your home’s attic can help keep the heat away from the rest of your house. But another helpful tool is to have complete attic ventilation put in. And attic ventilation does more than cool down your home: with proper installation, antic ventilation will solve problems you may not have even known you had.

Expert Air Cooling and Heating specializes in fitting homes for superior indoor air quality, insulation, and ventilation. Contact us to discuss how we can help you install attic ventilation in Clear Lake, TX. Here are a few of the advantages that you’ll receive from installing attic ventilation in your home:


The major trouble that you’ll encounter from heat escaping your attic during a hot Texas summer is that it makes your air conditioner far less efficient to run, resulting in high heating bills if you want to maintain your regular level of comfort. You will need to keep your AC running much longer to combat the extra heat from the attic, and this will contribute to the system running down faster and requiring repairs. You’ll save money on repairs and utility bills with ventilation cooling down the attic.


Attic ventilation can help you during cooler months as well. Water moisture from your home that comes from cooking and showers rises to the attic, creating dampness that can warp floorboards with wood rot and damage items stored there. It will also allow for the growth of mildew and molds. Ventilation blows out the moisture and helps keep the attic dry.


According to some attic ventilation installers, protecting the structural integrity of a home’s roof is the best reason to have ventilation put in. During both hot and cold weather, excess heat or moisture inside the attic can cause major damage to roofing and its underlying structure. With attic ventilation, the roof over your head will last longer and need fewer repairs.

With summer coming up soon, bringing the blazing Texas sun with it, you should look into preparing with attic ventilation. You’ll not only keep cooler, you’ll protect your house as well.

Call Expert Air Cooling and Heating for an appointment to discuss attic ventilation and other HVAC services for your home in Clear Lake, TX. We have more than four decades of experience keeping people in the Houston area cool.

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This isn’t a situation you ever want to happen: you go to turn on your furnace during a cold day and discover that no matter what you do, it won’t activate and start providing you with heat. Although sometimes the solution to this is simple (the furnace tripped a circuit breaker and it need to be reset; you mis-programmed the thermostat), most of the time you will need to call professional technicians for repairs right away…before you go any longer without heat.

You can call Expert Air Cooling and Heating any time of the day: we have 24-hour emergency service to get you the furnace repair you need in Kingwood, TX.


1. The thermostat is miscalibrated or broken: Never underestimate your thermostat! Even a small miscalibration can mean a misreading of the temperature in your home that will keep the unit from turning on the furnace. The problem could be larger, however: a thermostat with broken wiring can lose its connect to the furnace, making it impossible for you to turn on the heat.

2. The electronic igniter needs replacement: Many homeowners do not realize that modern gas-powered furnaces use electricity as well to run. The most important electric component in a gas furnace is the electronic igniter that activates the burners. The igniter will need to be replaced every few years, and may sometimes burn out before your regular annual maintenance visit. A technician can find this trouble and quickly replace the igniter.

3. The burner is dirty or rusted: For a gas-powered furnace, the burner is where the gas jets ignite to provide heat. But if the burner develops a layer of grime across it, or if rust flakes get inside it, the will have trouble drawing sufficient oxygen to light. A technician will need to remove the burner and clean it. If you have an older furnace that uses a standing pilot light, dirt build-up can also cause it to go out.


Don’t try to repair the furnace on your own. This is potentially very dangerous, especially for gas-powered furnaces, unless you have the proper professional training and equipment.


Call in a professional heating service to diagnose the exact problem and come up with a repair that will take care of it.

Expert Air Cooling and Heating has over four decades of experience helping the Houston area with the work that keeps them warm (and cool). We offer furnace repair and other heating system services in Kingwood, TX when you need it! We also have a maintenance program to help you extend the life of your HVAC system.

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