Although Houston, TX usually experiences mild winters, temperatures averaging in the low 50s and mid-40s through February can still feel extremely uncomfortable without a properly functioning heater working to keep your home warm. As you get ready for the thermometer to start dropping, take as many steps as you can to make sure you won’t encounter serious heating problems in your home.

At Expert Air, we have decades of experience heating Houston, TX and its neighborhoods; we’ve seen every type of problem that can crop up. We want to pass on some of our knowledge to you so you can keep cozy this winter season with minimal repairs and hopefully zero emergencies. But we’re here if you need repairs or late emergency calls— contact us whenever you need help.

The first step you should take before winter arrives is to get your heating system a professional check and tune-up. From furnaces to geothermal heat pumps, any heating system that expects to get heavy use in the coming months needs an inspection to make sure it’s ready for the task. Getting a professional to perform preventive maintenance will significantly reduce the chances of later repair needs or a full system breakdown. We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year for your heater, and fall is the best time to get it done.

Take precautions with your home’s insulation and places where heat can possibly leak out. The finest heating system ever manufactured won’t mean much if its heat keeps bleeding to the outside. Check on the insulation in the attic, and then caulk windows and put weather stripping around the outside doors.

Once the heating season starts, don’t keep the heater on high temperature settings for long periods. Find a comfortable lower temperature and stay with it, as the EPA recommends: 68° will suit most people, especially with an extra layer of clothing. During the night, lower the thermostat to 58° or 56° and keep a heavy blanket on. A heater that works less will experience fewer problems from rapid aging.

No matter what precautions you take, you can still run into unexpected heating troubles. When that happens, give the NATE-certified technicians at Expert Air a call. We aim to give you 100% satisfaction that will keep you warm all the way to March—or any other time you need warmth.