Geothermal heat pumps—what’s the big deal? You’ve heard about them and perhaps know that their popularity has risen over the last decade. You might also know something about how they operate: using refrigerant that circulates through underground lines to move heat from the earth and place it into your home (or, during the summer, move heat from your home and put it into the earth). However, you might not know the immense benefits homeowners can receive from a geothermal system. We’ll go over a few of the main advantages in this post.

A word of caution: geothermal heat pumps won’t work for every location. Before making any firm decision about your home comfort system, consult with HVAC professionals who have experience installing all kinds of heaters and air conditioners. Our technicians at Expert Air know all about geothermal heating systems. Call us if you need heating service in Deer Park, TX, or contact us for more information.

Your Geothermal System Benefits Are As Follows

Environmentally friendly: Want to go “green” this season? Then go geothermal! There’s no more natural way to heat/cool your home than to let the energy of the earth take care of the job. With almost no emissions and minor fuel use, geothermal heat pumps are very good for the planet.

Dependability: Unlike solar energy, which needs regular sunlight to work efficiently, geothermal systems rely on the steady warmth of the earth. Only 10 feet below the surface, the temperature of the earth remains at 55°F with only minor fluctuations.

Quiet operation: Geothermal systems are among the quietest of all HVAC systems.

Safety: Without concerns about fuel emissions that come from burning gas, propane, or oil, geothermal systems are incredibly safe. Their reduced electricity use also means less risk of fire.

Efficiency: Geothermal heat pumps can return six times the amount of the electricity they use in heating/cooling power—and as mentioned above; they don’t use that much electricity to begin with.

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Whether you end up with a geothermal heat pump or some other option for your home comfort, you can trust that you’ll get quality service from us. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee—that’s how confident we are about what we do. For geothermal systems, we offer a one-year test drive to make sure you’re satisfied.