Ductless heating systems came about to solve a problem many homeowners in the U.S. can identify with: no ductwork. Not all homes are constructed with ductwork, especially much older homes, and sometimes a duct upgrade would be very difficult or nearly impossible. Other times, you are only missing ducts in a single room or home addition. But the fact of the matter is that forced-air heating and air conditioning systems that require a duct system for air delivery are not the most efficient type. Ducts can run into a series of problems—so much so that installing a new set of ducts may not seem worth it.

Instead, the professionals at Expert Air recommend you choose a ductless heating system for your heating needs. These systems, which involve the installation of a single outdoor unit connected to 1-4 indoor units, keep you from making any major time-consuming renovations to your home and offer the following benefits.

  • Freedom from Ducts – The most obvious way you benefit from a new ductless heating system is that you won’t have to deal with any ductwork. Installing or extending ductwork is a big task to take on. It will require some costly and lengthy renovations, sometimes forcing you and your family to leave the home for extended periods of time. Besides, air leaks from the ducts are one of the top reasons that air conditioning and heating systems run inefficiently, with air leaks contributing to up to 30% of energy loss in many homes.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning – Ductless units use refrigeration technology to bring heat into a home in the winter and move it out in the summer. Because of this, ductless systems are useful during both the heating season and the cooling season.
  • Energy Efficiency – Ductless units are incredibly efficient, with high ratings for the air conditioning season and incomparable efficiency ratings during the winter. This is because they only move heat around from one area to another instead of generating heat like a furnace or boiler does.
  • Built-in Zone Control – You get even greater efficiency when you take advantage of the built-in zone control. Each individual indoor air handler targets a different part of the home and also comes connected to its own thermostat. Keep family members more comfortable by allowing complete control over their individual area of the home, and save money by shutting off the air or heat when a room is not in use.

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