Should you find yourself in the market for a new heating or cooling system, we advise you to take your time and to really get to know your options. There has been a lot of innovation in home comfort systems over time, and you may not be completely up to date with all that is available in the residential HVAC sector today. One option that more and more homeowners find themselves drawn to is ductless heating and cooling. This method of heating and cooling may not be for everyone – no method is, in fact – but it is a great fit for many. Here are a few tips from the HVAC experts at Expert Air regarding the ways in which using ductless mini splits in Houston can benefit you.

First of all, in order to understand the benefits of ductless heating and cooling, it is beneficial to understand how such systems work. Rather than utilizing ductwork in order to distribute conditioned air throughout a residence, such systems instead use individual, wall mounted blowers. These blowers connect to an outdoor unit, which is much the same as in a traditional split central system. However, ductless mini splits can offer much more than these more basic systems.

For instance, ductless split systems can utilize heat pump technology, which allows them to both heat and cool properties for year round comfort, all while using just one system. This is of great convenience, and our relatively mild winter weather really lends itself to such a heating method. Additionally, the fact that there is no ductwork to suffer air leaks means that you can reduce the risk of an inefficient heating and cooling performance.

Furthermore, ductless heating and cooling systems can also help homeowners to maintain great indoor air quality in their homes. Air ducts can be infiltrated by airborne pollutants, and those very same ducts can then distribute those pollutants throughout a living space. You’ll have no such issues when you go ductless. Plus, because each blower is controlled independently of the others, you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. This allows residents therein to live in an environment suited to their personal temperature preferences.

We are more than happy to provide you with the information you need to determine if going ductless is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of ductless mini splits in Houston, just give Expert Air a call today.