A stress that commercial HVAC systems have that most residential ones do not is that commercial systems usually operate continually during business hours to meet the needs of many people. Homeowners will usually adjust their systems throughout the day, occasionally shutting them off, but business owners rarely have that luxury. This constant use increases the possibility of a system shutdown that will affect numerous people and have a negative impact on your business.

To protect your commercial heating in Kingwood, TX, you should familiarize yourself with some of the challenges you might face during the coming months. You won’t have to go it alone, however: when you need help, you can contact Expert Air, where we offer light commercial HVAC installation and repairs that will take care of your trouble.

One of the principle challenges for your HVAC system this winter is the unusual Texas winters, where temperatures hover around “hot but not too hot” and “cold but not too cold,” with occasional leaps into sweltering summer broilers and plunges to bone-freezing colds (the winter record low for Houston is 5°!). You need an HVAC system that’s literally prepared for anything. Those middle ranges can often be the most frustrating because you’ll have difficulty finding an ideal indoor temperature. Constantly adjusting the temperature will put extra strain on the system. You might benefit from a new thermostat that can automate many of the functions as well as more precisely registering the indoor temperature.

Another common problem you may experience this winter is loud noises coming from your system. Aside from annoying customers and distracting employees, these noises often indicate an HVAC system in need of a major repair. This is often a problem for heaters during the winter because they haven’t gotten much use during the previous months. A professional tune-up can remedy this.

You can make overcoming the challenges of winter easier if you sign up for a commercial maintenance program. A professional will inspect your entire HVAC system to locate potential repairs that can improve efficiency. This is a great way to avoid a work-stopping breakdown on one of those surprise hot or cold days. An efficiently operating system will also help your budget: no excess energy drain.

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