Can My HVAC System Get Damaged by Rain?


There is not always a lot of rain in Woodlands, so you might wonder if rain can damage your HVAC unit that sits outside.

The shortest answer for that is no. Your system should not get any damage from the rain.

Yet, there are times when a significant rainstorm can cause issues with your unit, like:

  • Lightning

  • Storm debris

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What Is an HVAC System?


The truth is when you turn on your heat or air conditioning you want it to work. You expect when you adjust the temperature it will do its thing and you will be comfortably kept warm or cool. That might be the extent of your knowledge as it relates to heating and cooling.

Maybe you've heard the term HVAC before and know it relates to your heating and cooling but never understood exactly what it means.

Read on to understand what an HVAC system is and how it works to keep your house the temperature you want.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is an abbreviation that stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It is the mechanical system in your home that controls temperature, hot or cold.

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Do you want to know what your Expert Air technician does during spring HVAC maintenance?

Spring HVAC maintenance is the best thing you can do for your HVAC system…and your wallet! During the summer, your air conditioning system works hard to make sure your home is at just the right temperature. On hotter days, this can make the air conditioner work harder, creating a higher electricity bill.

Spring maintenance does a couple of things for your cooling equipment:

  • Helps you avoid emergency “no cool” calls during the peak cooling season.
  • Helps your unit run as efficiently as possible, saving you money during the peak cooling season.

Here are a few things that go on during an Expert Air spring maintenance appointment:

  • Our technician will inspect the indoor coil for cleanliness. The coil will be cleaned if necessary.
  • While inside, the technician will inspect the furnace or air handler blower assembly for proper operation and cleanliness.
  • All electrical connections will be inspected.
  • The technician will check the operation of the compressor and outdoor fan motor.
  • Lastly, the technician will check the system’s refrigerant level. If the refrigerant level is low, we will check for a leak, NOT just replace the refrigerant. If it is determined that there is a leak, we will eitherfix the leak or replace the component that is leaking.

There are also things you can do to help your air conditioner run as efficiently as possible during the summer, like changing your furnace filter. Click Here to find out more about common air conditioning components weservice

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Types of Ductwork

Ductwork is not visible but is highly significant when it comes to air distribution and utility costs. Whether buying a home, or finding it’s time for ductwork upgrades, take the time to learn why it matters, so you make the right investment. If you notice your energy costs keep rising, your indoor air quality continues to degrade, or you constantly have uneven temperatures in all the zones of your home, it may be time to replace your ductwork The Woodlands.

Contact the certified technicians at Expert Air today for a proper and reliable ductwork evaluation that will include a visual inspection, air flow measurements, and ductwork blower test.

When it comes to choosing the right type of duct work for you space, preferences, and budget, you do have choices. No matter your choice, evaluate the pros and cons of each type.

  • Flexible
  • Sheet Metal
  • Fiberglass Duct Board

Duct work is how the cooled air is carried from the air conditioning unit through your home. Ductwork also removes stale air and is a type of filtration system. Sheet Metal is the most commonly used type of air ductwork. Easy installation and comes in variety of shapes and sizes of thickness. Biggest pro is that sheet metal air ducts are the most durable type of duct construction and are the least likely to have mold growth.

A second option for ductwork material is Fiberglass Duct Board which is the lowest cost option for air duct systems to install. Well insulated but has the downfall of mold and mildew overgrowth and the design surface inadvertently impacts airflow and energy efficiency. Other benefits of this option as an unexpected perk is that it provides thermal and acoustical benefits.The material design serves as an air barrier, water vapor retardant, and it’s sealed to prevent fiberglass fibers from entering the air stream.

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What’s the Future for Your Air Conditioning Unit

The obvious comfort and relief that comes from your home or business air conditioning unit will forever be significant and a basic requirement for overall well-being. That may sound a tad extreme but taking it back to psychology, physiological requirements must be met before the psyche can further develop, and from our youngest days to our last days, part of that need is a comfort that your ac unit is built for.

AC Units are not new though, and the technological advancements for them only continue. What then does the future hold for your residential or commercial air conditioning system? In some ways, the future is now. We are already experiencing the changes and benefits of home automation and smart technology. Depending on the brand and model.Smart technology already seems to be integrated into our everyday lives, even for those who aren’t overly tech savvy.From controlling lighting with a remote or phone application, setting alarms or turning of lights remotely from online, to newer television sets, smart technology has been integrated into these products.

Over the more recent years, the heating and cooling industry has already been integrated by smart technology. You can already control your temperature settings from smartphone applications, which gives you convenience, peace of mind, and improved utility usage. It’s not far fetched to say that in the future voice-activated technology can be used to change your ac unit settings, report the internal status of working components, schedule repairs, and more.

AC units are no longer designed to be bulky, ugly, and disregarded as just a requirement for the home. Today HVAC systems are designed with style, seamlessness, and overall energy impact in mind. Units today are designed to be smaller, blend pleasantly, and be more efficient.

Talk of Radiant Barriers

The importance and impact of radiant barriers can be seen by evaluating your utility bills before and after the installation. If you are considering installing radiant barriers so you too can experience the cost savings, contact Expert Air today to schedule your evaluation, professional installation, or to have any questions answered.

Simply put, the hotter the temperatures, the more effective the radiant barrier. You can save 5-17% on cooling bills by investing in radiant barriers. Over time, the effect the radiant barrier has, pays for itself in overall cost savings. You will basically be paying yourself to be more comfortable.

What is a Radiant Barrier

How the radiant barrier works is simple physics. It’s made of an aluminum surface that reflects heat back to where it originated. From the sun to beating down on your roof, the heat seeps through the surface into the attic, which works into the rest of the house, creating more need and overhaul on the air conditioning system. The radiant barrier reflects the heat from the roof back to the sun, thus not allowing the same intensity of heat to penetrate the roof

Another cost saving of the radiant barrier is the impact saved on the air conditioning unit. Again, no radiant barrier means more heat in your home or business, and the ac unit runs more to compensate, but with a radiant barrier, the ac unit doesn’t have to work as hard or as often. Less wear and tear on the ac unit means more savings long-term for the consumer.

A note to remember when considering investing in a radiant barrier is that it MUST be installed correctly to be effective, so before you attempt to do-it-yourself, consider what a waste it would be if you did it wrong. Worry not about installation by trusting the certified technicians at Expert Air.

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Things to Consider for Chilled Water System

For any commercial company, regardless of size, overhead costs and safety are of the highest concern to be handled efficiently. Chilled water systems come to mind here because your ac system is a must for comfort, productivity, and safety. The pros and cons for a chilled water system will be discussed below, but what’s to be remembered is that overall, chilled water systems are cost effective avenues for cool temperatures that are also safe. Safe because having refrigerant piped all over your commercial building, has inherit hazards, and chilled water systems take that hazard out.


  • Energy Reduction and Lower Utility Bills – Compared to standard air cooled chiller/HVAC system
  • Noise Reduction – Extremely quiet choice, excellent in certain environments. Water is not as susceptible to duct and vent expansion and contraction.
  • Healthier Option – water is non toxic and non corrosive, unlike your standard cooling systems that use refrigerant and other chemicals for operation
  • Safer Solution – again, no refrigerant piped hazard to be worried about
  • Longevity – Lasts longer than standard air cooled chiller alternative because water chilled is installed indoors and the alternative is outdoors, impacted by the elements. Also alternative uses chemicals that the water chilled system doesn’t require


    • Higher Upfront Costs – All technology advanced equipment costs more upfront than the standard option. Also, more complex units tend to have higher labor costs due to specialized training. It can pay for itself over time in a multitude of ways (think advantages)
    • Standard Maintenance Increase – More working parts means more chance of increased inspection, repair, and/or replacement of faulty parts. Water treatments will also be required.
    • Not as Effective in Humid Environments - Higher levels of humidity raise the  wet-bulb temperature, which is an indicator of how efficiently water absorbs heat. This equates to higher operating costs.

Whether you are ready for your first water chilled system or need a repair or replacement to your already installed unit, the HVAC technicians at Expert Air are certified, knowledgeable, and professional.  For all your commercial needs, you can rely on Expert Air. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Should You Go with Zone System for Your HVAC

If you are tired of having an imbalance in temperatures in your home or office building, you may be suffering from inadequate cooling options, with a solution option of zoning for your HVAC system. If during the summer months, it seems some rooms never cool off, or in the winter it seems some rooms never warm up while others do, you may need to consider zone systems for your residential or commercial cooling needs.

To determine if you should seriously consider changing your current ac system and retrofit a zone system or to have a new installation all together, consider the following:

  • Some areas get hotter or colder than others
  • Do you have multiple floors in your floor plan
  • Do you have vaulted ceilings
  • Do any of your rooms have floor to ceiling windows
  • Do some rooms get little to no use
  • Does a part of your structure lay over a basement
  • Do certain users have different temperature needs than the rest

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, you should consider contacting Expert Air, your local HVAC contractor, to determine if a zone system is advised for your home or office. Ideally, you can expect to spend around $2,500 - $3,500 if the zone system is installed at the beginning, whereas if you are installing only part of the overall HVAC system, you can anticipate higher costs.To get an accurate estimate, contact Expert Air for your onsite evaluation.

 The main factors to evaluate when considering zoning for your HVAC system include:

  • Comfort
  • Improved comfort is the main goal for HVAC zone system
  • Eliminate hot or cold spots, regardless of ac system running
  • For those who prefer it cold, get it, while those who like it a little warmer, get it too
  • Save Money
  • Conserve energy and lower your monthly utility bill
  • Specifying the area for cooling/warming instead of a whole home/building means no wasted energy
  • Control
  • The ability to choose individual sections for specific temperatures. Takes comfort, energy savings, and overall control into consideration

Whether you are focusing on one, two, or all three factors for benefits of HVAC zoning, the professionals at Expert Air are trained and efficient in evaluation, installation, or repair.  Let the knowledge of all the pros and cons of zone systems be at your fingertips, when you work with the HVAC certified technicians at Expert Air.

Why Duct Sealing is Important

Duct sealing becomes necessary when leaks are present. Leaks can occur over time. If you’ve noticed higher electricity bills, more humidity in the ac system, or decreased air quality, it’s time to call the professionals at Expert Air. Duct sealing is necessary but beyond the requirement there are multiple benefits to the HVAC service provided by Expert Air. Below are the major benefits of duct sealing, whether residential or commercial.

    • Increased Comfort.
    • Consistent temperatures, experience what you want when you want. Reliability.
    • Indoor Air Quality Improvement.
    • Decreased pollutants caught in the ductwork that triggers allergy or asthma symptoms.
    • Elevate Safety Measures.
    • Backdraft occurs when leaky ductwork is what you have. Functioning appliances naturally release combustion gases through the ventilation system. Duct sealing increases safety in your home or business.
    • Lowered Expenses.
    • Upfront costs pay themselves off sooner than expected when it comes to duct sealing
    • Save up to 30% in energy bills
    • Lowered energy consumption equates to lower energy bills and an ac system that works more efficiently

If you are ready to experience all the benefits of Duct sealing and enhance the lifespan of your HVAC system, contact us at Expert Air to schedule your appointment, discuss in-house financing, or to schedule your free estimate.

Texas Heat and Common AC Problems

With summer temperatures shortly around the corner, now is the time to ensure you won’t run into ac problems.We all know Texas heat gets brutal with high temperatures and high humidity, we take relief and comfort in relying heavily on proper functionality of our home AC and commercial HVAC systems. Proper maintenance is always important for functionality and longevity, but the ultimate test on your ac system occurs during summer time.Be prepared and get inspected if you are uncertain. If you are already experiencing common AC problems, don’t prolong the issue and risk further damage.You can contact Expert Air for inspections, AC repair, HVAC maintenance, and more. We are your all-in-one company for all things A/C.

  • Uneven Cooling.
  • Cause - Obstructed airflow. Leaking ducts.
  • DIY Effort - Windows closed and check that vents are open and unobstructed.
  • If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution to balance the system or repair the ductwork.
  • Constant Cycling.
  • Cause -Obstructed airflow by dirt/debris
  • DIY Effort -Clean condenser coil with proper grade condenser cleaner. Clean evaporator. Replace the air filter.
  • If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.
  • Not Cooling.
  • Cause - Faulty parts, blocked airflow, refrigerant leaks, and more
  • DIY Effort - Lower temperature that’s set to cool.  Clean coils and evaporator.Replace the air filter.
  • If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.
  • Won’t Turn On.
  • Cause - Faulty contactor, tripped breakers, worn out parts, or user error
  • DIY Effort - Thermostat set to cool, lower by several degrees. Check for tripped breakers or blown fuses.
  • If above efforts are ineffective, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution as all issues will require professional repair.
  • Constant Running.
  • Cause -Faulty Contactor
  • DIY Effort - Not Advised
  • Contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and HVAC repair or replacement service.
  • Frost or Ice Inside Unit.
  • Cause – Faulty contactors and refrigerant leaks
  • DIY Effort -Turn off unit. Listen for hissing or bubbling noise
  • If after turning unit off and back on a few minutes later doesn’t resolve issue, contact Expert Air to schedule your appointment for a professional diagnosis and solution.

AC issues are always a problem, whether more of an annoyance or a major issue that can cause safety or health hazards.  If your ac issue isn’t listed here, be sure to check out our site for more common problems. You can always contact Expert Air for assistance with any AC issue you have. We are available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. Let us keep you cool and comfortable.

DIY HVAC is Not Advised, Leave it to the Professionals


Spending money happens as automatically as breathing or blinking.  Almost everything we do today, from work to play and everything we need to get things done like cars, food, and air conditioning all cost money to maintain.  When the opportunity presents itself to save money by alternative methods, sometimes what saves money today costs more money tomorrow.  DIY projects come with a lot of inherit risk, so we discuss why hiring professional and certified HVAC technicians is the advisable route.  Expert Air HVAC technicians Houston will save you time, patience, and money from the start.


Certification and training are required for HVAC systems and home ac units due to the level of complexity and difficulty in handling.  Don’t be fooled by YouTube tutorials, this is one unit that is not an easy feat. One malfunction can lead to total system failure, for all components work together, so you need to be knowledgeable of the entire system and on an individual part level. The gamble in handling HVAC systems when not certified or truly knowledgeable is unsafe with highly dangerous results, and that far outweighs the cost savings. Those cost savings will wither away in repair, let alone if something more dangerous were to occur, like a gas leak or a fire!

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Myths about HVAC Systems

Whether planning to shop or have already purchased your ac unit, being aware of the truth about HVAC myths can help you save money. Being educated about your ac system can overall help you save money and potentially avoid ac repair The Woodlands.

Below are 7 common myths regarding ac units:

  1. Myth: You save more money when you constantly run your unit rather than turning it off while gone and back on later thus re-cooling your home again
    • Truth: Off saves money and doesn’t waste energy. Turn it off if no one is home. The key is proper insulation to trap the cool air inside. Also, remember to block some heat by drawing the curtains when you leave so you can come home to a cool room.
  2. Myth: Energy efficient ac unit is all you need to save money
    • Truth: Size matters when it comes to appliances. Too much drains you financially and can be ineffective at removing the humidity that makes you feel clammy
  3. Myth: The lower the temperature setting, the faster the room is cooled
    • Truth: If your thermostat doesn’t offer a multi-setting (low/med/high), you will have one fan speed regardless of the temperature setting. Practicing this myth will get you wasted energy, higher utility bills, and a lower chill than you really want.
  4. Myth: Leaving the ceiling fan on keeps the room cool
    • Truth: Again, if no one is home, you are wasting energy and your money, turn it off if no one is home to experience it.
  5. Myth: Location of your ac unit doesn’t impact the efficiency
    • Truth: Location is a crucial key to overall ac efficiency. When the location is too close to light fixtures or electrical appliances, the ac unit gets tricked by the emitted heat surrounding them; wasted energy by false input. You get higher bills and wasted use of your ac unit, thus increasing the frequency need for ac repair The Woodlands.
  6. Myth: You only need to clean your ac unit once a year
    • Truth: Dust is constantly inevitable and it clogs filters quickly. Change your air filters every 2-3 months and sooner if the ac unit constantly runs for longer periods of time.
  7. Myth: Closing the air vents to unoccupied rooms reduces the load on your ac unit and saves you money.
    • Truth: Modern units are built to be balanced in pressure, so you intentionally closing the vents can cause an imbalance, making your HVAC system overhaul, leading to more ac repair The Woodlands and decreasing the lifespan of the unit.

A solid ac unit is essential today, but there is a lot of information surrounding the best buy as well as proper use to fully extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. If it happens that you forget the truth to the debunked myths and your habits cause the need for ac repair The Woodlands, contact Expert Air today to schedule your repairs.

Winter Affects HVAC Operations

When you least expect it, HVAC issues can occur when you do not regularly maintain your equipment, or you opt to skip on an annual HVAC inspection by the professionals at Expert Air. HVAC repairs can be costly, and it only takes one or two repairs to see the benefit in regularly scheduled inspections by certified technicians. Consider the perks of maintenance programs, like ours, click here.

Some common HVAC issues include:

  1. Faulty Thermostat Readings
    1. Feel like the thermostat isn’t displaying the right temperature
    2. Thermostat placement may need to be changed
    3. Thermostat upgrade may be needed
    4. Thermostat repair may be an option
  2. Inconsistent Room Temperature Setting
    1. Causing discomfort and increased energy bills
    2. Culprit could be debris, rectified by a proper cleaning and filter replacement
    3. Potentially major HVAC issue
  3. Frozen Evaporator Coils
    1. Likely the airways are clogged or too low of temperature setting on unit
    2. We advise not setting the temperature below 60 degrees
    3. You need an inspection done immediately


HVAC Tips for Texas Winter

  1. Clean the Furnace Air Ducts
    1. Year-round contents in the air clog the air duct – dirt, pollen, smoke, pet dander
    2. Cleaning or replacing every 6-months is best in Texas
  2. Replace Parts on Unit that are Worn-Out
    1. Proper inspection is needed if unit is 5+ - years old
    2. Schedule inspection if you have the following issues
      1. AC not blowing cold air
      2. Heater not blowing hot hair
      3. Furnace is loud
      4. Power issues are observed
  3. HVAC System Upgrade
    1. Newer models are energy efficient
    2. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating) models are best
  4. Clear Debris Around HVAC System
    1. Leaves and yard debris should be kept clear of HVAC system
    2. Leaving unclear will lead to bacteria and mold build up that gets into your system and in the air you breath
  5. Schedule Routine Maintenance with Expert Air
    1. From routine maintenance to unplanned inspections, repairs, and installations, the certified technicians at Expert Air, are ready to help


Using a heat pump in order to heat and cool your home can benefit you in a number of ways, not the least of which is the fact that you can use the very same system to both heat and cool your residence. It is important to keep in mind the fact, though, that your heat pump is essentially doing twice the work of a traditional heating or cooling system. It runs during the long, hot summer season, as well as throughout the admittedly more mild winter. All of this work can lead to some serious wear and tear, which is why it is wise to schedule heat pump maintenance in Houston, TX bi-annually, rather than annually.

What Does a Heat Pump Do?

During the summer, a heat pump works in much the same manner as a regular central air conditioner. The refrigerant cycle allows it to remove heat from the air in a home, and that heat is vented to the air outside. During the winter season, the heat pump is able to reverse its operation in order to use existing heat from the air outside to warm the living space. A component called the reversing valve is integral to this process, as it allows for the reversal of the refrigerant cycle to begin with.

Why Is Maintenance Necessary?

Certain issues with a heat pump, such as a damaged fan or worn belts, can lead it to function with less efficiency, and to do so less effectively, than it otherwise would. This means that you could actually wind up paying more money for a weaker performance from your system if it is not well-maintained. We think that you deserve better than that, which is why you should have your heat pump maintained going into both the summer and the winter seasons. Furthermore, there are certain problems, such as those with the reversing valve itself, that may render your system inoperable. Don’t get caught out in the cold, or left to sweat in the summer.

Schedule your heat pump maintenance with the pros here at Expert Air Cooling And Heating.


Certain systems in your home are only used for part of the year. Your air conditioner, for instance, runs throughout the summer, while your heater keeps you warm during the winter season. What you may fail to realize, though, is the extent to which your insulation plays a role in your comfort throughout the entire year. Whether heating or cooling your home, you really need to know that your insulation is going to be there for you. Subpar or damaged insulation in Houston, TX will lead to a number of different issues as you attempt to maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

What Does Insulation Do?

As we said above, your insulation works throughout the year in order to help keep you comfortable in an efficient manner. Insulation slows the unwanted transfer of heat into or out of a home. During the winter, this means preventing the heated air in your home from transferring outdoors. During the summer, it means preventing heat from outside from making its way into your living space. Heat will naturally try to move from a warmer climate to a cooler one, and insulation stands in its way.

Signs of Subpar Insulation

Many homes don’t have enough insulation, especially in common areas of heat loss and/or gain, such as attic space. Additionally, insulation comes in different levels of efficiency, denoted by an R-value. If the R-value is not right for the particular job at hand, your insulation may not operate as intended. Keep an eye on your heating and cooling bills, as unexpected fluctuations could be the result of weak insulation. If your indoor air quality is on the decline, your insulation could play a role in this as well. Thin insulation can allow for pollutants to make their way into your home through gaps in the thermal envelope. Contact us today if you have any questions about the insulation in your home.

Contact Expert Air Cooling And Heating if you suspect any problems with the insulation in your residence.


We use our air conditioning systems more than our heaters in this part of the country. Even so, it is vitally important to ensure that both systems, your heater included, are capable of functioning not only effectively and reliably, but efficiently as well. You shouldn’t have to hesitate in reaching for the thermostat just because you want to keep your cooling—or heating—costs manageable. With that said, there is one great option for homeowners to consider which can help them to achieve this goal with their forced air heaters and air conditioners. It’s called a zone control system, and the use of such a system can benefit you in a number of ways. Just remember to schedule your zone control system services in Houston, TX with a member of our team. When Expert Air Cooling And Heating does the job, it will be done right.


When you live in the Houston, TX area, you must have an HVAC company that you can count on to help you make it through the brutally hot summer season comfortably. Not only that, but you must also have technicians on your side who can help you to heat your home effectively and efficiently when the temperature drops, as well as to provide you with the products and services necessary to maintain great indoor air quality in your residence. Finding all of this and more in one convenient location may sound too good to be true. When you dial our number and schedule your HVAC and indoor air quality services with the professional technicians at Expert Air, though, you’ll find that these goals are well within reach. Contact us today for more details about why we are the HVAC company for you.

One fact that we pride ourselves on is that we never rest on our laurels. That is why we still go out every day with the determination to impress every single customer we serve with outstanding workmanship and professionalism. That being said, though, it is worth noting that our company has been pursuing and providing excellence in HVAC and indoor air quality services throughout the entire Houston area for over four decades now. You don’t succeed and expand your business over the course of forty plus years due to luck. Instead, you build an ever growing customer base by giving your customers the exceptional services that they deserve.

Not only do we understand that our customers and clients deserve the best in quality, but we also know that you deserve true convenience in procuring the HVAC and IAQ services that you need to live and work comfortably. That is why we offer such an impressive array of such services throughout the area. Not only will you find the air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services that you need to protect the comfort levels in your home when you dial our number, but we are happy to handle any light commercial HVAC services that you may need as well. We can even install any type of insulation that you require to improve upon efficiency in your properties.

While you’re here, we also recommend that you check out our many affiliations, which you can view right here. As you can see, we surround ourselves with excellence. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Between our NATE certified technicians and the quality products that we use, such as those from Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, it should be clear to see why Expert Air is the HVAC company in Houston, TX for you.


Sometimes, calling a technician for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) service is a necessity, while other times it’s simply beneficial for your wallet, your health, or your comfort. While your heating system may seem to be working just fine right now, there are a number of services that can help to improve efficiency, performance, and the quality of the air you breathe every day. You may hope to avoid HVAC services for the rest of the heating season, but many services performed by technicians can help to improve your home significantly.

  • Heating Repair: Unfortunately, your heating system may run into repair needs before the heating season is over. Heating systems can run into trouble at any point in the heating season, but especially if they’ve become overworked as the season was in full swing. Speedy repairs can help to boost the efficiency of your unit and keep other parts from failing as a result.
  • Thermostat Installation: Your older thermostat may not be as accurate as you’d like, but a new programmable thermostat with a clear digital display can help you to run your unit efficiently throughout the heating season and into the cooling season. Use your new thermostat to program your heating system to switch on 30 minutes before you arrive home from work to keep from wasting energy running the unit throughout the day.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation can keep your home feeling warmer for the rest of the heating season. Insulation resists heat transfer, keeping heat from escaping through the walls, out of the ceiling, or from the ducts, so that warm air fills the room. Its benefits will carry over into the cooling season, keeping heat from transferring into your home in the warmer months.
  • Indoor Air Quality System Installation: A new indoor air quality system, like a UV germicidal light, electronic air filter, or dehumidifier, can help you and your family breathe easier, especially if someone in the home has a respiratory illness.
  • Duct Repair: Finally, you may discover that a lack of heating in your home can actually be attributed to holes and cracks in the ductwork. It turns out that most ductwork in the United States is poorly sealed and may have air leaks that contribute to up to 30% of energy loss in a heating or cooling cycle.

Call the Tomball HVAC professionals at Expert Air today to schedule services to improve your heating system and the overall comfort of your home.