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Furnace Recall

Heating components are required for the overall heating products that you find in your home. Being in the know on issues, concerns, and overall safety issues is what Expert Air is here for. Your furnace is a crucial part to the overall heating experience.Occasionally equipment has unknown kinks at the time of manufacturing that can be dangerous to consumers. Over the last decade, certain furnaces have been recalled due to faulty parts including issues in design, error in modification, or improper installation. Industry changes occur constantly, from tweaks, recalls, and new product manufacturing. Research shows that consolidated furnaces that were produced between 1983 and 1994 (11-year span) by Consolidated Industries (now bankrupt) should no longer be used. Consolidated Industries manufactured the machine under numerous name brands such as Amana, Coleman, Kenmore, Premier, Sears, and Trane.

Well known and trusted name brands can too have defects. With over 30-years since the manufacture date, are you wondering why no one told you about this? The official issue with the consolidated furnace is a faulty steel control rod. The information should have been disclosed to the public much sooner than now. Whether this delay is from manufacturer having their hands tied legally or if the law needs to be changed in general, is unknown but issue stands that for decades you may have been at risk. If you still have the product in your home, we strongly advise an immediate call to Expert Air today for a replacement of a different type of product. 

Defective Furnace Could Lead to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

It’s important to have your equipment notated or to review it at this time, because the risk of defective furnaces is a risk of health, life, and property. Risk includes fire and/or carbon monoxide poisoning. 
Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a silent killer for it is a colorless, tasteless gas with no smell or obvious sign to alert you to its presence. A faulty furnace doesn’t properly vent the carbon monoxide to the outside of the home. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include: 

  • Headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Dizziness 
  • Difficulty 
  • Breathing 

For our customers in the Houston and surrounding area, the models involved in the recall are below 

Goodman Manufacturing Company, (Franklin Electric) of Houston, Texas 

  • HBA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
  • HBA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HBA 080 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HBA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HBA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCA 140 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCC 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCC 050 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCC 060 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCC 075 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
  • HCC 080 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 
  • HCC 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC) 

For more details on specific models involved in this recall, please visit the CPSC’s Web site at 

Call Expert Air today for an inspection, or for assistance in handling a recall. We are here if you have any general questions regarding your heating or air conditioning equipment. Our certified technicians are available 24/7. Annual inspections are advised for the safety of your home and your family.