If so, now is definitely the time to act. There is a federal tax credit set to expire on 12.31.2016, and once it does, so does a chance for major savings. This tax credit entitles homeowners to a 30% savings on a new geothermal installation.

Geothermal systems in Houston, TX have become more common in recent years. More and more homeowners have come to realize just how beneficial the use of these systems can be. We’d like to share a few points of consideration with you to help you decide if geothermal is the right fit for your home.

  • Versatility. As you may know, geothermal systems offer both heating and cooling to homeowners. This is thanks to the utilization of heat pump technology. Whereas air source heat pumps draw heat out of the air in order to heat homes, geothermal systems draw heat out of the ground. This heat is then exchanged with the refrigerant in the system, which is compressed and used to warm the house. In the summer, heat is drawn out of the air indoors, and then dispersed into the ground.
  • Efficiency. Because geothermal systems don’t really generate heat, they don’t use much energy when heating a home. When you combine geothermal technology with our mild winter weather, the cost of heating your home is really affordable. Plus, during our very hot summers, sinking heat into the relatively cool earth is easier than dispersing it into the very hot air.
  • Durability. Geothermal systems have finite lifespans, like any other HVAC system. The expected lifespan is quite long, though. The geothermal heat pump is generally expected to last about 20 years, with the underground loop lasting anywhere from 25-50 years. If you’re looking for a great heating and cooling system to count on for years to come, geothermal may be just what you’re after.

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