Window unit air conditioners are not really of much help unless you are trying to cool a small apartment or dorm room. As far as whole-house cooling goes, they are quite inefficient, and they can leave your home feeling unsecured. Even so, some homeowners choose to use window units simply because they have no air ducts in place. The good news is th
When it comes to whole-house heating and cooling systems, ductwork is the most common way in which heated and/or cooled air distributed throughout homes. This is also a very effective means by which to do so. However, it is possible for ductwork to be damaged, to corrode, or to otherwise be compromised. When this happens, a number of problems can d
There are a lot of great air conditioners on the market in this day and age. However, there is often room for improvement with air conditioning systems, even those that work very well. One upgrade that many homeowners in the Houston, TX area opt for is the integration of a zone control system into their HVAC systems. If you are interested in learni
While the residential sector makes up a large part of our business, Expert Air is also happy to handle any light commercial HVAC services that our clients in the Houston, TX area may require. Considering how intensely hot the summer weather is in this part of the country, as well as how long the summer tends to stick around, it should come as no su
If you are 100% satisfied with the overall performance quality of your air conditioning system, and if that system operates reliably and efficiently, then you are likely not thinking about replacing it. However, if you have your reservations about your air conditioner, or if it is not particularly dependable, then you should give the idea of an AC
When the heat of summer is at its zenith and your air conditioner breaks down on you, it is very likely that you will run to the phone in order to schedule repair services immediately. This really should not only be the case when your air conditioner suffers a cataclysmic failure, though. In fact, any problems with your air conditioning system ough
During the hottest time of the year, you are going to be very thankful for a properly working air conditioner. The summer season in Houston, TX seems to go on and on, and the relief of a cool day can be rare to say the least. Of course, assuming that you want to be able to cool your home in the most successful manner possible, it is important that
As important as it is that homeowners are able to both heat and cool their homes effectively, it is every bit as important that they are able to breathe clean, pure air within the confines of their homes. You may find that you need some help in doing so, though. There are a lot of different problems which may develop with the quality of the air sur
Summers in Houston, TX, mean two things: high heat and stifling humidity. If you want to survive it in comfort and style, your air conditioning system needs to be ready to do the job. If it’s experiencing problems or needs to be repaired, now is the time to do something about it: before the thermometer starts to rise and you can’t affor
There are a lot of challenges that one must overcome in order to live comfortably throughout the year in the Houston, TX area. Our summers are long and intensely hot, and temperatures can drop to shockingly low levels during the heating season. However, it is important to remember that temperature is not the only consideration to keep in mind when
Are you considering a new air conditioning installation in Houston, TX? When it comes to keeping your comfort protected and your AC installation service as non-disruptive as possible, timing is everything. Investing in a great air conditioning system is a wise decision, and a professional air conditioning installation is an absolute necessity. Howe
Modern air conditioning systems are more efficient and reliable than those that came before them. That being said, it is still all too possible to discover that your brand new AC is not capable of cooling your home in an efficient or effective manner. This is most likely going to be the case if your new air conditioner is not of the right size for
For homeowners in Houston, TX, the ability to cool a home effectively is much more of a necessity than it is a luxury. It can get brutally hot during the long summer season, so you are going to have to run your air conditioner quite a bit. Cooling one’s home efficiently under such circumstances can be difficult, though. If you hope to cool yo
Striking a successful balance between energy and efficiency and comfort can be tricky terrain to navigate. One of the best ways in which to ensure that you are able to successfully cool your home without paying too much in order to do so is to use a zone control system. By installing electronic dampers into your air ducts, and using individual ther
There is nothing worse than running your AC throughout the day when the hottest weather of the year is underway, only to find that your AC is just not keeping up with your cooling needs. There are a number of different reasons as to why your air conditioner may be underperforming, the majority of which will require professional attention in some fa
When you live in the Houston, TX area, you must have an HVAC company that you can count on to help you make it through the brutally hot summer season comfortably. Not only that, but you must also have technicians on your side who can help you to heat your home effectively and efficiently when the temperature drops, as well as to provide you with th
Should you find yourself in the market for a new heating or cooling system, we advise you to take your time and to really get to know your options. There has been a lot of innovation in home comfort systems over time, and you may not be completely up to date with all that is available in the residential HVAC sector today. One option that more and m
Your air conditioner and heating system contains an air filter which helps to filter pollutants out of the air you breathe. Air is sucked into the AC system from your home before it is conditioned so that your air conditioner is not damaged and to make the air that comes out a little bit cleaner. But this filter cannot eliminate every contaminant f
What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Perhaps rushing off to the stationary store after work to choose the perfect card with which to express your feelings towards a loved one? Dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant? Roses, dark chocolates, and other gifts and confections? Whatever Valentine’s Day may look like to y
Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted another 6 weeks of winter for this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead of the coming hot weather by scheduling a winter AC maintenance appointment in Houston. Why schedule now? Here are a few reasons: Protection from Winter Damage Storms, wind and debris can damage your outdoor unit at an