The truth is when you turn on your heat or air conditioning you want it to work. You expect when you adjust the temperature it will do its thing and you will be comfortably kept warm or cool. That might be the extent of your knowledge as it relates to heating and cooling. Maybe you've heard the term HVAC before and know it relates to your heating a
I know it sounds crazy but I have figured out a way to offer this incredibly amazing deal to a select few This may sound like it is not possible, but it is! 2019 and the start of 2020 has been one of the warmest and wettest periods on record, and for my business that means slow sales. Slow sales are a killer because whether we sell anything or not,
If Your Furnace and Air Conditioner, Or Heat Pump is Over Ten Years Old, You Can SAVE BIG…NOW! How Big? How About $2,000 Cash Direct to You! Dear Customer, Yes, it’s absolutely true; you as a valued long term customer of Expert Air can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient total comfort system (A/C & Furnace) and
Cleaning AC Coils : How to Clean a Central Air Conditioning UnitWhen it’s time to complete maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you'll want to make sure that you pay extra attention to the systems that are hidden from plain sight. Problems will begin to develop on your AC unit when the evaporator coils become too dirty. This can cause t
Spring HVAC maintenance is the best thing you can do for your HVAC system…and your wallet! During the summer, your air conditioning system works hard to make sure your home is at just the right temperature. On hotter days, this can make the air conditioner work harder, creating a higher electricity bill. Spring maintenance does a couple of t
Simply put, the heat pump uses the outside air to heat a home in the winter months while using the same outside air to cool a home during the summer months. The outdoor unit is referred to as a heat pump. Heat energy is always present, whether in cold or hot temperatures. The heat pump acts like an air conditioner during the summer, removing heat f
The boiler, a magnificent tool making cold winter temperatures more enjoyably endurable. The boiler is the key to central heating system bringing warmth to all parts of your space. Imagine a large fire with an endless supply of natural gas via a pipe. That’s your boiler. The electric switch that signals the boiler to turn on, has a valve open
Ductwork is not visible but is highly significant when it comes to air distribution and utility costs. Whether buying a home, or finding it’s time for ductwork upgrades, take the time to learn why it matters, so you make the right investment. If you notice your energy costs keep rising, your indoor air quality continues to degrade, or you con
The obvious comfort and relief that comes from your home or business air conditioning unit will forever be significant and a basic requirement for overall well-being. That may sound a tad extreme but taking it back to psychology, physiological requirements must be met before the psyche can further develop, and from our youngest days to our last day
The importance and impact of radiant barriers can be seen by evaluating your utility bills before and after the installation. If you are considering installing radiant barriers so you too can experience the cost savings, contact Expert Air today to schedule your evaluation, professional installation, or to have any questions answered. Simply put, t
If allergies are something you are regularly bothered by, you can rejoice in the relief that a dehumidifier can bring you. From seasonal allergies to dust miters and mildew, the suffering can end with a good dehumidifier. From the comfort of your nicely cooled home to humid weather right outside, the common allergy triggers are thriving. Moisture c
For any commercial company, regardless of size, overhead costs and safety are of the highest concern to be handled efficiently. Chilled water systems come to mind here because your ac system is a must for comfort, productivity, and safety. The pros and cons for a chilled water system will be discussed below, but what’s to be remembered is tha
Electricity is a beautiful commodity that we require for many things of comfort and functionality in everyday activities. Electricity is also dangerous when mishandled. Dangerous to the point of deadly, so below are a few things professional electricians want you to know prior to any Do-It-Yourself projects. Circuit Overload is Easily Possible. Dur
Indoor air quality is vital to proper health standards and overall quality of life. Your comfort at home goes beyond the temperature setting of your a/c or heater unit. You may not even think about the air you are breathing because after all you don’t really see the air. Now you may see dust particles but there is so much more than that float
If you are tired of having an imbalance in temperatures in your home or office building, you may be suffering from inadequate cooling options, with a solution option of zoning for your HVAC system. If during the summer months, it seems some rooms never cool off, or in the winter it seems some rooms never warm up while others do, you may need to con
Summer heat gives a beating to all things under the sun rays. Advancements in technology continue to create and improve measures to help alleviate the pressures of the intensity of summer heat. A properly ventilated attic keeps the attic cooler, which equates to a cooler home. Your cool and comfortable home means you can be relieved from the heat i
Duct sealing becomes necessary when leaks are present. Leaks can occur over time. If you’ve noticed higher electricity bills, more humidity in the ac system, or decreased air quality, it’s time to call the professionals at Expert Air. Duct sealing is necessary but beyond the requirement there are multiple benefits to the HVAC service pr
With summer temperatures shortly around the corner, now is the time to ensure you won’t run into ac problems.We all know Texas heat gets brutal with high temperatures and high humidity, we take relief and comfort in relying heavily on proper functionality of our home AC and commercial HVAC systems. Proper maintenance is always important for f
Power outages are inevitable and occur without notice.   Power outages often occur during bad storms or because something went wrong with your electricity. Usually the outage is simply an annoyance but can cause anxiety and worry.   What makes the difference for severity that impacts the emotional aspect? How you respond and react to the
  Spending money happens as automatically as breathing or blinking.   Almost everything we do today, from work to play and everything we need to get things done like cars, food, and air conditioning all cost money to maintain.   When the opportunity presents itself to save money by alternative methods, sometimes what saves money toda