We are certainly not at a loss for ways in which to cool our homes in this day and age. If you are serious about cooling your home in an effective and reliable manner, while enjoying a few other unique benefits, then you may want to give geothermal air conditioning in Houston, TX some serious consideration. The use of a geothermal cooling system can benefit you in a few different ways, but only when your system is expertly designed and installed by trained, qualified technicians. Give the pros on our team a call if you think that geothermal cooling is right for you after reviewing the following information.

Year Round, Efficient Comfort

To call a geothermal system an “air conditioner” is not really accurate. Yes, the system is more than capable of cooling a home effectively and reliably. However, the term “geothermal heat pump” is actually much more accurate. Geothermal heat pumps make use of heat transfer technology that allows them to act as both heating and cooling systems, which in turn means that you are able to both heat and cool your home with just one convenient system. You are also able to do so in a very efficient manner.

A geothermal system uses a geothermal loop in order to facilitate the transfer of heat with the ground, where temperatures are very constant. That means that, by sinking heat into the ground rather than dispersing it into the hot air outside, a heat pump can actually cool your home more efficiently. During the winter,r though, is when the efficiency of this heat transfer process is most evident. An antifreeze solution in the geothermal heat gathers up heat from beneath the ground. That heat is then transferred to the refrigerant in the heat pump, which is compressed, and its thermal energy is then used to heat the home. No heat is actually generated, which makes the geothermal system as efficient as it is eco-friendly. These systems are also very long lasting.

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