How you buy a top of the line 80% Efficient Furnace for $399

I know it sounds crazy but I have figured out a way to offer this incredibly amazing deal to a select few

This may sound like it is not possible, but it is!

2019 and the start of 2020 has been one of the warmest and wettest periods on record, and for my business that means slow sales. Slow sales are a killer because whether we sell anything or not, we have expenses in our business we have to cover. We call this the overhead monster, because everyone is always afraid of these expenses. They are business killers!

Not having any sales during what is supposed to be the very BEST part of my year can spell doom for my business unless I can spread out my work. Plus, we are now coming into what is my traditionally slowest sales period.

The Idea HIT ME!

That is where I came up with the idea to offer a limited number (20) of incredibly efficient systems (80% efficient), at ridiculously low prices. There are always people in need of new furnaces, even when it is slow (although fewer than normal they still break occasionally), so I decided that I had to get some work to TAME the savage overhead monster.

Because I need the work during this awful period of weather to cover these expenses, it only made sense to offer a great deal to the first twenty people who wanted them, to get some sales and cover the costs.

I know what you’re thinking

The same thing I do when I see these kinds of deals out there!

Is it a real offer or are they trying to sell me something else?

It’s to good to be true – best quality at lowest price – can’t have both?

If I buy one of these, the quality can’t be good at these prices – they’ll skimp?

The Deal is Real!

AND, I Guarantee ZERO Risk to you. NONE NADA, ZIPPO, 0, as in No RISK!

That’s right! Even at these ridiculously low prices, I am offering 100% satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% of your money back for 365 days from when you buy from me on this offer. That is NO RISK!

This is a real offer, and a real guarantee. It is very simple.

I am only doing this for the first (20 people). After that my prices go back to normal. Because I will have covered my expenses and need to get back to selling at normal prices or I will go out of business if I keep these ridiculously low prices.

The 20 systems I sell are it! But if I do well for you, I get referrals. So it’s worth it!

I am guaranteeing these factory premium, matched systems just the way I would any of my other installations, because I am a quality contractor doing quality work.

We want and need referrals to all your friends and neighbors and the only way that happens is if I give you the very best quality you can get! You have to like me, and like the new installation or your not going to recommend me, so while I am offering this deal, I still have to make the installation perfect!

Plus, you get the ironclad guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with my people on the job, their appearance or how they treat you, or any part of our equipment we install, the way we treat you or your home, for 365 days from the date we install your new premium, high efficiency system we will remove the equipment and refund 100% of the money, no questions asked.

One More Guarantee – Is He Crazy?

I will also guarantee I can lower your energy bill by no less than 15%. In most cases actually saving you enough money on your utility bills to more than pay for the new system.

Like Always there is Fine Print - Here is the fine print!

1. You have to be one of the 1st 20 to buy a system from me

2. The offer is only good until (March 31th, 2020)

3. When you buy a matched system, which includes the furnace, and air conditioner, you will get a high efficiency premium air conditioner, matched coil, plus the new 80% high efficiency furnace for $399.

You Get from Me:

1. A premium matched system that is brand new and guaranteed

2. The 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

3. The energy savings guarantee

4. A great product, great service, and a great installation


I am willing to also offer you (only on the 1st 20 systems for those who act now and buy on this special offer).

A 12 year FULL PARTS and LABOR guarantee on this matched system – meaning you will not have to worry about any breakdowns or service charges of any kind for the next 12 years on your home heating and air conditioning equipment.

That’s it – That’s the Deal

All you have to do is call (281-241-6012). You have to act quickly on this offer, because when the first 20 are sold, they are sold and I cannot extend the offer, or make any exceptions. My crews will be full and busy enough that we can’t afford to do any more than these 20, but what a 20 it will be!

The absolute worst thing that can happen to you is we make friends, and you learn a whole lot more about your home, and the way to heating and cooling works inside of your home. The air in your home is more important than ever, so what have you got to lose really?

I hope we get to serve you as one of our many happy, healthy, valued customers


Owner-General Manager