The word “insulation” is customarily associated with keeping warm. We think of insulation in our home as a barricade against the cold, and when buying a coat or jacket for winter weather, we want it to have sufficient insulation in the lining to make sure the cold weather outside doesn’t get through to our bodies.

However… this isn’t actually what insulation does. Insulation is a thermal barrier; it doesn’t keep the cold out—it keeps the heat in. The reason your thick jacket with wool lining keeps you warm is that it prevents the loss of heat from your body to the cooler outside air. The same is true of the insulation in the walls and ceilings of your home: it keeps you warm by making sure the heat inside—the heat coming from your HVAC system—remains indoors.

Insulation—for the summer

The thermal barrier of insulation serves the same job in reverse during hot weather. The insulation in the walls of your home prevents excess heat from entering. Your air conditioner will need to work less if it has reduced interior heat to deal with. Even the best air conditioner ever manufactured will have a hard time cooling down a space with bad insulation.

Expert Air Cooling and Heating offers comprehensive services for insulation in Houston, TX. In our state, the properties of insulation that keep heat from entering our homes are especially important because of our warm climate. If you have poor insulation in your home because you only think you need it for the winter, you’ll find yourself up against high energy bills during the summer to beat back the heat with your air conditioner. You’re also likely to end up with a broken air conditioner because of all the strain it must go through.

Insulation comes in many types

At Expert Air Cooling and Heating, we offer different types of insulation to suit your needs. Blown-in insulation works more effectively than fiberglass insulation and can fit into oddly-sized spaces and crevices. We have a variety of types insulation to seal up your attic, one of the main places where heat enters (and leaves) a home. For extra insulation against sunny Texas weather, there are radiant barriers, which reflect back the heat of the sun from your roof. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can save 5%–10% on your cooling bills by installing radiant barriers.

Contact us to find out about your best insulation options. With the right insulation in Houston, TX, you can enjoy more effective and economic heating and cooling throughout the year.