You don’t have to have anybody remind you of the importance of an efficient air conditioner to keep back the Texas heat. You can feel its importance most days of the year. But if there comes a time when you don’t feel the cool temperature in your home that you need, then something has probably gone wrong with your air conditioner. Before conditions turn miserable, call in a professional HVAC company to find out what’s amiss and what can be done about it. For expert air conditioning repair in Houston, TX, look to Expert Air and our staff of NATE-certified technicians.

We’ll try to answer a common question people have when their AC is no longer doing its job: “Do I need to repair or replace it?”

You will almost certainly need to repair it at some point in time, or at least should consider it, unless you’re dealing with a severe problem that simply cannot be repaired. However, make a few simple checks first to make sure that the air conditioner hasn’t gotten disconnected from its power source, or tripped a circuit breaker. You may have set the thermostat wrong or blocked the vents. But if these basic remedies don’t solve the problem, then you will need repairs from trained technicians. They can locate the source of the problem and then perform repairs to get you cooled down again.

What about getting a full replacement? Is that a better solution? Not necessarily, since there are many smaller problems that can cause your AC to lose its cooling power. One of the reasons for calling in professionals is to get their advice on whether you need a new system or not.

Consider the age of your current air conditioner. If you inherited the AC when you moved in, it might already have many years of wear and tear on it. If your old AC has needed multiple repairs during the past year, or if your energy bills have climbed and stayed that way, then the system might be ready for replacement when it can’t keep you cool.

Replacement is a big step. Don’t assume it is the best fix. Listen to any advice the technicians have for you when they come to check for repairs. If you need a full replacement—or just air conditioning repair—in Houston, contact Expert Air today and schedule an appointment. We’re confident enough in the work we do that we back it up with a 100% guarantee.