Expert Air offers comprehensive geothermal system services in Houston, TX. Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year is a huge priority for all homeowners. But during periods of high demand your energy consumption will likely increase. That’s why many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy that they use to cool and heat their home. Geothermal systems are a terrific option because they allow you to take advantage of the endless, free energy stored in the ground. If you’re interested in geothermal installation in Houston, TX, we can visit your home and help you determine if a geothermal system is right for you. Our technicians have years of experience working with all different kinds of geothermal systems. We also offer geothermal repair in Houston, TX.

Here at Expert Air, we are completely dedicated to the quality of workmanship and the level of customer service that we provide. We take your comfort seriously and we are passionate about making sure that you are satisfied with the work that we perform. That’s why we offer our 100% Right Guarantee which means that if any of our repairs are not performed correctly, then it’s 100% free. We also provide a 1–year test drive for new installations. This allows our customers to make sure that they’re happy with the unit that they have. Call us today if you have any questions about geothermal systems or if you need any geothermal services in Houston, TX.


One of the questions that we get asked often is how geothermal systems actually work. This is a great question because knowing how geothermal systems work will be able to help you make an informed decision about your home’s heating and cooling system.

10 feet below the surface of the earth the temperature is 55° F all the time—no matter what the weather is like above ground. Geothermal systems use this temperature consistency to both heat and cool you home. In order to do that, a long series of coils have to be buried in the ground. The heat pump in your home circulates a refrigerant through those coils. In heating mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the ground and brings it into your home. You heat pump extracts the heat from the refrigerant and circulates it through your home’s ducts. In cooling mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your home and exhausts it into the ground.


There are a few types of geothermal systems that are available to homeowners: ground source, air source and water source. You are probably already familiar with air source systems. The central air conditioning system in your home is essentially an air–source heat pump, although it doesn’t heat your home. It extracts heat from your home and exhausts it into the air. A geothermal system uses the ground or a water supply to heat or cool your home.


Water–source heat pumps need consistent access to a water supply like a lake, pond or stream. These systems use the water to heat and cool your home.


There are two types of water–source geothermal heat pumps: "closed loop" and "open loop." With an open loop, water from the source is pulled into the system and used to heat or cool the home. Once the water is used, it is deposited out the other end of the system. In a closed loop system, refrigerant is circulated through the coils constantly.


If you’re interested in geothermal installation in Houston, TX, make sure that you call the professionals at Expert Air. Geothermal systems should be installed by a professional contractor. In order to work, geothermal systems need long lengths of pipe to be buried in the ground. Because of that, there are certain space considerations that must be met. Some homes won’t be able to take advantage of geothermal technology because they lack the space requirements. When you call Expert Air for geothermal installation, we’ll set up a consultation where our technicians visit your home to determine if you have enough room. After that, it’s just a matter of excavation, burying the coils and attaching them to a heat pump in your home.


Geothermal systems are actually one of the most durable heating and air conditioning systems available. But like every other piece of HVAC equipment, they will eventually need repairs. While some people expect that the buried coils would be present the most problems, they actually can last for many years. The most common geothermal repair in Houston, TX has to do with something much simpler—the air filter. Your heat pump has an air filter in it that needs to be regularly changed. If it isn’t changed, it can get clogged and restrict the flow of air into your home. This often causes huge inefficiencies in your system as well as reduced comfort in your home.

For all your geothermal installation and repair in Houston, TX call the friendly professionals at Expert Air. We can help you install, repair or maintain any type or brand of geothermal system.

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