When you own a home, you obviously want to ensure that you and everyone else living in or visiting that home is as comfortable as possible. What you may overlook, though, is the fact that this level of comfort demands more than just comfortable temperatures. If the indoor air quality in your home is not of a high level, then there is really no way in which you can hope to live as comfortably as possible. Additionally, you must remember that dirt and dust are not the only types of pollutants that may set back your indoor air quality. There are also biological pollutants to consider, which is why you may want to use UV germicidal lights in Houston, TX.

Who Should Be Using UV Germicidal Lights?

Anyone interested in breathing the cleanest, purest air possible in his or her home should give the use of UV germicidal lights some serious consideration. These devices are installed within the ductwork of an HVAC system, and they emit a small amount of UV radiation in order to destroy biological pollutants. This light is confined to the ductwork, and the devices are typically installed near the air handler, so that they can treat all of the air passing through. They are entirely safe for the residents of the house, including pets, but are devastating to biological pollutants, such as viruses, mold and bacteria.

Certain individuals may benefit more from UV germicidal lights than others, of course. These devices are particular beneficial for those residents with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. The living pollutants that can really wreak havoc on one’s health are too small for most air filtration systems to filter out, and the pollutants may continue to reproduce after being trapped. With UV germicidal lights, though, they are rendered incapable of reproductions and destroyed.

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