We understand that you may think mostly about temperature control when you think of maintaining a comfortable environment in your home. The fact of the matter, though, is that maintaining great indoor air quality therein is every bit as important if you really want to live not only in great comfort, but in a healthful environment as well. That is why you may need to use an air purifier in Houston, TX. Of course, you also want to be sure that you are using the right air purifier for your particular needs. Read on to learn more about 2 common options.

Electronic Air Purifiers

An electronic air purifier is a great option to consider if you want to remove pollutants from the air in your home, including dust, dirt, and other debris that can go airborne. Air filtration systems, many homeowners will find, are sufficient for removing such pollutants. However, if you have aggravated allergies, or if you have individuals in your home with any respiratory issues, a more comprehensive and more active system may be advisable.

An electrostatic precipitator, for instance, does much more than just filter pollutants out of the air as it passes through a filter. It actually charges the pollutants in the air, and then traps then on oppositely charged collector plates. These plates are easily removed and cleaned.

UV Air Purifiers

If you are more concerned with living biological pollutants than you are with dirt and dust, you are going to want to invest in a pollutant destruction based air purification system. These include UV germicidal lights. , These lamps are installed in your ductwork and are able, using UV rays, to destroy germs, mold spores, bacteria, and other biological pollutants, rendering them incapable of reproduction. You don’t want these materials gathered on a filter, only to continue reproducing, after all.

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