There are a number of different components in your central air conditioning system which must operate together in perfect harmony if you hope to get the most effective, reliable performance that that system has to offer. Call the Humble, TX air conditioning professionals at Expert Air today if you have any questions or concerns about any of these components. One of the most important parts your air conditioning system is the compressor. Without it, there is no way that your air conditioning system could possible function properly. Contact us if you have any further questions about why your compressor is so vital to the operation of your AC.

The compressor is one of the components of your air conditioning system that is generally located outside of your house. Your compressor receives the refrigerant at the beginning of its cycle throughout the system, when it is still a cool, low-pressure gas. The compressor serves to compress the refrigerant, as you may have guessed from its name. When it compresses the gas in this manner, the molecules within the gas compress to become a liquid. The greater the compression, the higher the energy of the liquid, as well as its temperature.

This is an integral part of the refrigerant cycles, as the refrigerant leaves the compressor to go to the condenser and, eventually, the evaporator before returning to the compressor to start the journey all over again. Any problems with your compressor, such as an issue with a start or run capacitor or overheating issues, will result in a disruption to the refrigerant cycle and, consequently, to the cooling process as a whole. Improper refrigerant charges can also lead to problems with your compressor, and this is clearly one air conditioning component that your AC simply cannot do without.

Don’t let a compromised compressor impede the operation of your air conditioning system. Call the Humble, TX air conditioning technicians at Expert Air to learn more about the warning signs that your compressor may be in trouble. Our team has the information you need to keep your AC working right for you this summer, no matter how extreme the heat may get.

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