In Spring TX, air conditioning systems are the best line of defense against the summer heat and humidity. But what types of air conditioning systems are available and which one is right for your home? The answers may be a little more complex than people initially think. You need an air conditioning system that matches the specifics of your house, that doesn’t waste energy, and that delivers the kind of comfort you need to escape the temperatures outside. The best system for one person or family may not work as well for another.

Central air conditioning remains the best-known and most popular form of air conditioning system. It utilizes a series of ducts and vents that travel throughout your home, expanding out from one central location to send cool air to every room in your household. They’re efficient and straightforward, though they don’t allow the kind of finely tuned control that other air conditioning systems promise.

If a central air conditioning system isn’t right for you, mini-split systems or ductless systems may be a good alternative. Ductless systems utilize multiple units that each cool a specific area, rather than a single unit piping air to the entire household. Ductless systems cost more during the initial set-up, but their lack of ductwork often makes them more practical in certain households, and they tend to operate more efficiently than central air conditioning systems as well.

In climates like Texas, some households make us of a heat pump, which pulls warm air out of the house in the summertime and brings it in from the outside in the winter. Heat pumps benefit from a simplicity of use, and can save money on bills in climates with our comparatively mild winters. You may also want to consider a geothermal system, which works by pulling heat from your home and absorbing it into the ground or a nearby water supply.

Regardless of the system, it needs to be the right fit for you. The trained technicians at Expert Air have experience installing and maintaining all of them, and can give you solid advice on selecting the right type of air conditioning system for your living space. Our specialists can come to your home in Spring TX or anywhere in the greater Houston area. Schedule an appointment today.

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