If you keep your furnace in good repair—calling for professional service whenever you notice malfunctions and maintaining a regular schedule of preventive check-ups and tune-ups—it should serve you for many years with excellent warmth. However, no furnace will last forever. Eventually, it will begin to wear down and reach the point where no amount of repairs will restore it to its former working order. You will need to have it replaced before it becomes a white elephant: a device that costs more to maintain that what it is actually worth.

How can you tell when that time has come—before an inconvenient complete breakdown tells you for certain? There are a number of signs to watch for that will inform you that your furnace is approaching its date of replacement. And below we will list some of those tell-tale signs.

Expert Air can help you when it’s time for a new heater. We have 40 years of history with furnace replacement in Kingwood, TX.


  • Consistently high heating bills: Although you can expect minor increases in your energy costs over the years, if you notice that your bills have made a steep climb and neither repairs nor maintenance to the furnace will do anything to lower it, then an extremely aged heating system may be the cause. A natural part of furnace wear is an increase in the amount of work it does to maintain its expected temperature, so pay attention to those higher bills.
  • Constant loud operation: In a previous post, we discussed furnace noises and how they can caution you about repair needs. Those same noises can also warn you about the need to replace your furnace if you are hearing them constantly and repairs cannot stop them. This sort of noisy operation indicates that the furnace’s basic components are too aged to function properly any more.
  • Uneven heating: If your furnace was sized properly when installed, it should have little trouble providing sufficient heat to reach all the rooms of your home. But if you begin to detect cold spots that can’t be blamed on poor insulation, open windows, or blocked vents, then it’s likely your furnace can no longer keep up with its regular demands.

Consult with professionals

Deciding to replace a heater is a big step, and one you shouldn’t take unless you have help from people trained with HVAC equipment. Contact professionals like those at Expert Air to inspect your system and run tests to see if, indeed, it needs replacement. Those experts will give you the right advice to steer you toward the best possible choice for a replacement, and then install it so you will get many more years of comfort.

Expert Air performs quality furnace replacement in Kingwood, TX with top brands. Trust our decades of Kingwood heating service experience to bring you a great heating installation.

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