"Highly Recommended Service – 

We are very pleased with the service expert air provided. The service technicians and installation crew were friendly and efficient. Expert Air was highly recommended by numerous services."

– Tony & Pauline Apostalo

"I called Expert Air to see why my A/C wasn’t cold and when Mr. Royer came out (in less than 20 min) he was very nice and down to earth. After watching him work and talking with him I learned he has been doing this for quite some time and knows a lot about HVAC. Mr. Royer and the service he provided is the reason I bought the yearly service plan. He is a great employee that many company’s lack. I just thought I would recognize a good service since they are so hard to come by now."

– David Roberts

"Detailed work takes a lot of time. They could have only done what I wanted and left because we had a service contract, yet they always go the extra mile on every item. I watched the details of how they did their work and I can honestly say the crew that installed my system are among the most conscientious I have ever seen. They know what they are doing and how it should be done. On two unanticipated problems they chose to do it the right way instead of ’making it work’.’"

– Don Arnold

"Just a thank you for your prompt efficient service. Your service person Ron took care of the problem quickly. Your answering service was also very Courteous. I hate to call on a sunday but when both units went down it got extremely hot very quickly. Thank you again for the excellent service. I will recommend you to my neighbors."

– Sharon Cherry & Louis Jackson

"Expert Air is the best business that has ever been in Baytown or anywhere; every person associated with this place is pure gold. The service is impeccable, dependable, honest, and totally reliable. I just had my total ac/heating replaced by them; when it was delivered and installed, it took less than a half day. While I was awaiting the new unit, I had temporary cooling provided by Expert Air. On two occasions I have needed ac service on Sunday; I was unable to get my previous service to send a technician. Expert Air came both times I called — once when the evaporation from my unit was overflowing into my house and again when the unit failed that I had purchased from the other service. I cannot think of one reason to use any ac/heating service except Expert Air. Everything gets done right the first time; the service technicians are not only knowledgeable, but they are also most considerate and respectful. Thank you, Expert Air. You are the best!"

– Judy Bowers

"I thought the technician was knowledgeable and good. I would definitely recommend Expert Air to friends."

– Berlin Edwards

"I was very impressed with how fast I received service after calling, and I was very satisfied with workmanship."

– William Graddy

"Expert Air’s technician was very professional, and I was very happy with service."

– Jackie Dykes

"Mitchell was great! Expert Air has been my air conditioning company for years!"

– Gayla Bradley

"Brian with Expert Air answered all my questions knowledgeably and I was very happy with service."

– Tracey Standley

"I have had two different technicians from Expert Air come out to my home. Both have known what they are talking about and always do a great job, and I will recommend them to anyone."

– Don Price

"ABSOULTELY excellent service!"

– Jerry Martin

"I am writing this letter to compliment your technician, Ruben Pastor, on our recent air conditioner problem. The background is that I had the compressor only replaced in 2010 because it was leaking. Now it is a 15 SEER American Standard 410 unit and the work was done by Hutchs in Dayton. The evaporator coil was a 410 unit only 8 years old at the time. 

Periodically since the installation I had problems with the compressor no running due to the evaporator coil freezing. I got to know the drill: I would turn the unit off for an hour and when I restarted it, it would run fine. The few times I had a tech out just to check the Freon level everything was fine and of course by then the evaporator had thawed and would restart conveniently. 

It was until this Friday after Ruben’s first visit that the unit froze up less than 24 hours later. Ruben came back out promptly and this time the unit did not restart after being idle. Ruben noticed a pressure imbalance in the system and reasonably thought the thermal expansion valve was the root cause. Since that was an infrequent problem and he did not have a spare, he confirmed his diagnosis with his head technician. 

That was about 10 AM Friday and I thought I would go the Memorial weekend without air. But Carol called around noon to say he was picking up the park and would install it that afternoon, which he did. 

I want to thank Ruben for his courtesy and persistence in solving the problem. I also want to thank Carol for keeping me informed with calls to let me know the schedules. You have two very courteous and responsible employees. Thank you."

– George Enyon

Scott Doughty, Service Technician, was very professional, friendly, took time to answer our questions, and did a great job correcting our problem.

– Kathy and C.A. Prasek

Scott Doughty was a very professional and courteous technician. He seemed to know his job well and was very informative after his diagnosis of my AC problem. Thank you.

– Terry Moyers

I contacted Expert Air immediately upon discovering our three year old unit was malfunctioning. Mr. Royer promptly returned my call and was in our home within an hour of initial contact. He quickly performed some diagnostic work and corrected the issue. I had some questions about summer cooling and he provided tips on daily use. I had questions about room temperatures and Mr. Royer took the extra time to educate on how to change the elements to accommodate different rooms. Mr. Royer is an excellent employee with an outstanding sense of professionalism. He is a great asset to your company and is obviously an an expert in this field.

– Alice Freed

Scott was courteous and knowledgeable. He took time to explain the that the noise I was concerned about was about normal for our Trane compressor but might improve with an addition of refrigerant as we were a bit low. He added a couple of pounds and that helped a bit. I was pleased with the thoroughness of his inspection. Now I’m not worried that the noise is an indication of a major problem. Also pleased at getting this appointment scheduled at a time convenient for us and the on–time arrival of the technician.

– Stephen Carroll

Within a two hour period of pure panic I called and you guys asked what would make me smile. Great Mission Statement. My serviceman Scott from Dayton was at my home and fixed a burnt up fan motor outside in 30 minutes and checked out the amps and operation. I don’t normally comment, but Scott was the model employee that I will share with others along with Expert Air. I’m chilling in two hours of the crisis. Doesn’t get better than than that on a Labor Day weekend when you think nobody is out there to help. Very satisfied and will use you again for sure. Thanks Scott.

– Steve Liles

A family member had just come home from the hospital and the A/C in the house wasn’t working so we called Expert Air and they sent out Scott Doughty Service Technician. He did an excellent job fixing the problem in a timely manner. He gave us a time when he would arrive and he was on time and fixed multiple problems in a very fast time. He got us out of a bind. Thanks Scott!!!

– Larry Moravits

I must comment on the professional manner in which Scott Doughty conducted every aspect of today’s service job. He was respectful, professional,courteous and quick to answer all questions we had regarding the repair service. What a wonderful representation Scott is for Expertair. 

Thank you!

– Jennifer Smith