Is your air conditioner system having trouble? Your energy bills may be rising, but your comfort is lowering. Don’t wait a minute longer to have your AC repaired or the problems could get worse and end up costing you even more money. We offer expert Houston air conditioning repair for the following common AC problems:

  • Lack of regular maintenance causing dirty and clogged components
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Drainage issues
  • Electronic control issues
  • Sensor problems
  • Broken parts that need to be replaced, such as condenser fans, compressors and capacitors
  • Thermostat


During the hottest time of the year here in Texas, you will need to run your air conditioner with confidence. The heat of summer in this part of the country is truly legendary, and it takes a great, well-tuned air conditioning system to overcome the challenges of this particular season. Of course, all of the hard work that your air conditioning system does can take a toll, and even the best, most well-maintained systems out there will encounter operational problems from time to time.

The key to minimizing the risk of serious damages stemming from problems with your air conditioner is to schedule prompt AC repairs in Houston, TX. At the very first sign of trouble with your system, you should call our number to schedule repair services with trained professionals that you can count on. When in doubt, give Expert Air Cooling and Heating a call to have your system evaluated by a knowledgeable, trained technician.


There are quite a few problems that you may encounter with your home cooling system and which may require professional AC repair services. For instance, your air conditioner may develop a refrigerant leak. This is hugely problematic, as it is the refrigerant in the system that allows for the removal of heat from the air in your home. You may also encounter issues with the fan in your system, or leaky ductwork. Faulty thermostats may also impede the operation of your system, and there is a lot of wiring and electrical components that may be compromised as well. The only way in which to have your system’s operational issues properly diagnosed and successfully resolved is to schedule service with a professional repair technician.


There are, fortunately, some warning signs that you may notice which can indicate the need for repairs to your air conditioning system. Because your air conditioner is going to be better off the sooner you have it repaired, getting to know these signs of trouble is certainly in your best interest. If you see ice developing on your evaporator coils or refrigerant lines, for instance, you may have a refrigerant leak. Is your home less comfortable in certain areas than others? Uneven cooling is a sign that you may have damaged ductwork, issues with a fan, or low refrigerant levels. Is your system failing to start up, or cycling off too quickly? A faulty capacitor could be to blame. Whatever the situation, count on us to repair it properly.


The longer that you delay in scheduling air conditioning repairs in Houston, TX, the worse off your home cooling system is likely to be. Forcing a compromised system to continue working can exacerbate problems further, leading to more complex and costly repair needs. It also greatly increases the risk of a complete breakdown. Not only that, but because a damaged system is not going to be functioning at peak performance levels, you may wind up paying more money for a lesser performance from your system until it is properly repaired. Call today to learn more.