Benefits to Having a Zoning System in Your Home

It does not matter what season it is, and you will want your home to stay at a comfortable temperature. However, you may use certain rooms more than others. Would it not be great if you were able to customize the temperatures in your home based on the areas? That is where a zoning system can help. ExpertAir Cooling and Heating expert zoning team can explain how a zoning system works and how your comfort can be upgraded overnight.

How Does A Zone Control System Work?

Zoned HVAC systems will divide your home into multiple sections, and each one will have its own thermostat. A dampener will be installed into the ductwork, and you are able to set how warm or cold these areas will be.

For instance, if your home has been split into four sections or zones, such as the basement, attic, first floor, and second floor. If your family is often on the first floor, then you can add heat without wasting energy by heating the rest of the other sections.

Benefits of Zoning Systems

Personalized Zones

You are able to select the number of zones that fit your home. Many homes will have between two and six zones. You can divide your home into areas like on sides, or floor, or by the area that gets the most use.

Extends HVAC Systems Life

During winter, your furnace will constantly work to keep your home comfortable. That will put a lot of stress on your HVAC system, which causes more problems. When you do not heat unused zones, then you are reducing wear and tear on your unit, which helps it to last much longer.

Convenient Use

Every zone will have its own thermostat, and that means you will not have to walk far to change the temperature. If you decide to use WiFi or a smart thermostat, then you will not have to get up to control the comfort of the area because you can use your smartphone.

Customized Comfort

Using a zoned system can help to settle arguments over your thermostat. If you enjoy a cool room, but your family enjoys a warmer room, then you can set the zoning system to do just that. That means that everyone will win, no matter what area of the home you may be in.

Energy Efficient

You can save energy by only heating or cooling individual zones instead of your whole home, which leads to you using less energy, and that lowers your energy bills. You are going to end up saving money.

Call Expert Air Cooling and Heating for the Best HVAC Zoning System

We will do whatever it will take to support your comfort. We can help you to set up the best zoning system for your home, but we will not leave until you have all of your questions answered.

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