AC Capacitors Not Working & What It Means

For the ultimate comfort today, we rely heavily on electrical systems and electricity. Reliable electricity is required but your systems must be functioning correctly to be effective. When your capacitor goes out in your ac system, you aren’t feeling that beautiful breeze. Your air conditioning system is as complex as a car in that many components work in conjunction. From the smallest of issues to major haywire conditions, contact the professionals at Expert Air to repair or replace your ac units.

A major component of your air conditioning unit is the capacitor. They are so crucial, that without them, the motors connected to the fans and compressor wouldn’t work. Without getting thorough training on all the intricate details of the product, here’s an abbreviated lesson on Capacitors.

What Are Capacitors?

  • They are small components that store energy.
  • Attached to motors, they send a jolt of energy to kick start the motor
  • They also send a series of jolts to the motor to keep it running
  • The AC has 3 motors: Compressor, Blower, and Outside Fan
  • Your capacitors energize them all

Why Failing Capacitors Matter…

  • Regular wear and tear is inevitable in all parts, and over time the capacitors will lose their charge
  • The beginning failure is notable by the “clicking sound”
  • Call Expert Air for repair at this stage, before one of those 3 motors goes out completely
  • “Humming Sound” indicates run/start capacitor(s) has gone out
  • Repair before entire system goes out and requires replacement over repair
  • “Hard Starting” means the compressor motor has gone out
  • “Hard Starting” is when the AC struggles to start then shuts off shortly after. This is extreme strain on the system. Immediate professional assistance needed.

Replacing capacitors is not a do-it-yourself job, for the oil that can spill from the system is dangerous to handle. Contact Expert Air today to schedule your repair or replacement. Remember, regular maintenance will often help in avoiding majoring repairs and replacements. Expert Air has a great maintenance program that saves you money, time, and worries.

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