Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your HVAC System Issues

Spending money happens as automatically as breathing or blinking.  Almost everything we do today, from work to play and everything we need to get things done like cars, food, and air conditioning all cost money to maintain. 

When the opportunity presents itself to save money by alternative methods, sometimes what saves money today costs more money tomorrow. 

DIY projects come with a lot of inherit risk, so we discuss why hiring professional and certified Baytown or The Woodlands HVAC technicians is the advisable route. Expert Air The Woodlands and Baytown HVAC technicians will save you time, patience, and money from the start!

Continue reading to learn more about why you shouldn’t DIY things when it comes to your HVAC system or simply reach out to Expert Air Cooling & Heating with any questions you may have or to schedule HVAC service!

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Reason #1: HVAC Systems Are Complex

Certification and training are required for HVAC systems and home ac units due to the level of complexity and difficulty in handling.  Don’t be fooled by YouTube tutorials, this is one unit that is not an easy feat. One malfunction can lead to total system failure, for all components work together, so you need to be knowledgeable of the entire system and on an individual part level.

The gamble in handling HVAC systems when not certified or truly knowledgeable is unsafe with highly dangerous results, and that far outweighs the cost savings. Those cost savings will wither away in repair, let alone if something more dangerous were to occur, like a gas leak or a fire!

Reason #2: Repairs Require Specialty Tools

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to HVAC systems.  Every model varies, and the route to repair is not paved the same.  Having the right tool matters, and you should know that the professional tools accessible to Expert Air HVAC technicians and certified air conditioning and heating technicians are not what you will find in your local tool shop. When you need AC repair or heating repair, it’s best left to the experts!

Reason #3: What’s More Valuable – Your Time or Your Money?

When you are outside your depth completely or whether you are rusty by a decade or so, the learning curve for DIY projects in AC repair is highly time intensive. Trial and error is not something you want to chance when it comes to ac units. The multitude of hours you will spend researching and hopefully learning prior to risking hands-on efforts, the professionals at Expert Air can have done in no time at all. 

Remember all the time you are researching; your air conditioner isn’t working.  In Texas heat, those minutes and hours are precious for overall comfort, hours of heat take even more time to cool back down, so you are doubling the time of discomfort; which only adds to your frustration. Add to everything, you have a higher chance of malfunction and a costlier repair if you attempt to repair your home ac unit yourself. 

What You CAN DIY

Some smaller care for your HVAC unit can be done by the owner, and below we list what those are, but remember, overall maintenance needs to be left to the professionals.  You wouldn’t want to tear your car apart and rebuild it on a whim, you would get educated on all the intricate details and have hands-on training; well your HVAC system maintenance should be considered in the same concept.

Don’t try to maintain your unit alone; rest easy knowing Expert Air technicians are certified and experienced, let our expertise keep you comfortable. Reach out to us for air conditioning maintenance or heating maintenance at least once a year!

For the typical homeowner who doesn’t possess the skill set to safely and properly repair their home ac unit, what they can do themselves include the following DIY efforts:

  1. Change the Air Filter – monthly replacement is standard, but if you have a full house and animals, you may need to do this more frequently.
  2. Don’t Block the Vents – ensure curtains and furniture don’t block your vents, for they can stop cool air from reaching your rooms.
  3. Clear Exterior Unit of Debris – trash, branches, leaves all impact the effectiveness and potentially clog the unit causing functionality issues.
  4. Trim Nearby Plants – this helps lessen likelihood of debris; keep everything clear by 18-24 inches.
  5.  Hose the Unit – with your regular garden hose, lightly spray the exterior of the unit to easily remove dirt and debris accumulation.

Perks of Relying on Expert Air:

  1. Lower Utility Bills
  2. Higher Efficiency
  3. Extended Life of HVAC System
  4. Early Problem Detection
  5. Fewer Emergency Scenarios
  6. More Bang for Your Buck

Remember, never try to do a repair that is outside your skill set, especially when it comes to ac repair Houston, for you can cause more extreme damage, cause yourself injury, and/or increase the risk for a fire or gas leak. Contact Expert Air today to schedule your estimate!

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