Are You Ready for the Hot Months of Summer?

The long hot days of summer in Houston can be particularly hard on your air conditioning system. Temperatures start to rise as does the humidity in May and can continue on through the early weeks of October. Depending on the size of your home, you may have up to two units to keep the whole house cool and comfortable, however, running them for six months straight or more can be more taxing on your air conditioning system than it is built for.

AC Maintenance

As with most investments such as your air conditioning unit and furnace, regular maintenance is key to avoid expensive repairs and extend the longevity of the equipment. While it is important to have a certified technician to service your HVAC unit, you should be on the lookout for issues that if caught early can most likely be repaired for less than the cost of a full replacement system (depending on the age and condition of your air conditioning unit).

A few things to keep an eye out for include,

  • Ice is developing on the evaporator coils or refrigerant lines.
  • Your home is less comfortable in certain areas.
  • The system is failing to start up or cycles off too quickly. 

Expert Air Gold Maintenance Plan

One way to check if your AC is working properly ahead of the summer months is to invest in the Expert Air Gold Maintenance Plan. For $169 a year or $14 a month, you will be scheduled for two maintenance checks a year, receive priority service scheduling, and receive various discounts on repairs, equipment, accessories, and service fees.  

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