Is it Time to Replace the AC Condenser?

As February rolls on, Texas weather will continue to fluctuate but ease into warmer temperatures. As the warmer conditions hit, you will want to start cranking on the air conditioner for relief from the heat. If your ac unit appears to not be functioning correctly, you may need to replace the ac condenser. Contact Expert Air today for a professional evaluation and solution that is best fitting your needs.

Purpose of the AC Condenser

This vital part takes the gas created from the air conditioner and converts it to a liquid form by cooling it down. The liquid version creates the refrigerant that your ac system needs to function properly. If this crucial part malfunctions, the entire AC system will malfunction. Ignoring this issue can lead to very expensive replacement.

Causes of a Malfunctioning AC Condenser

  • Blockage or leak
    • Faulty tubes or seals will cause leaks
    • Can occur over time or from a puncture or rupture
    • Blockage from external debris but most likely from metal particles flaking off the condenser itself
    • Blockage occurs usually from age or poor maintenance
  • Dirty components and/or bad run capacitor
    • Outside elements like grass can dirty your components. Clean the area surrounding your ac unit regularly to avoid this
  • Faulty control board
    • The control center of all component communication. When this is bad, the system won’t work correctly
  • Motor has been burned
    • Occurs gradually and is usually caused by stress on the unit and/or poor maintenance
  • Blockage can mean multiple surrounding AC components will also need to be replaced
  • Have your AC system inspection by the professional technicians at Expert Air

Repair or Replace

  • Repair if it’s a dirty condenser, bad run capacitor, bad switch, faulty control board, or burnt motor
  • Replace when there are leaks, blockage, or the system age. Because ac systems have advances in technology every few years, sometimes it is more cost effective to replace with a newer model over repairing the current one.
  • Have the professionals at Expert Air evaluate to determine the true extent of damage and the most advisable route

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