Myths about HVAC Systems

Whether planning to shop or have already purchased your ac unit, being aware of the truth about HVAC myths can help you save money. Being educated about your ac system can overall help you save money and potentially avoid ac repair The Woodlands.

Below are 7 common myths regarding ac units:

  • Myth: You save more money when you constantly run your unit rather than turning it off while gone and back on later thus re-cooling your home again
    • Truth: Off saves money and doesn’t waste energy. Turn it off if no one is home. The key is proper insulation to trap the cool air inside. Also, remember to block some heat by drawing the curtains when you leave so you can come home to a cool room.
  • Myth: Energy efficient ac unit is all you need to save money
    • Truth: Size matters when it comes to appliances. Too much drains you financially and can be ineffective at removing the humidity that makes you feel clammy
  • Myth: The lower the temperature setting, the faster the room is cooled
    • Truth: If your thermostat doesn’t offer a multi-setting (low/med/high), you will have one fan speed regardless of the temperature setting. Practicing this myth will get you wasted energy, higher utility bills, and a lower chill than you really want.
  • Myth: Leaving the ceiling fan on keeps the room cool
    • Truth: Again, if no one is home, you are wasting energy and your money, turn it off if no one is home to experience it.
  • Myth: Location of your ac unit doesn’t impact the efficiency
    • Truth: Location is a crucial key to overall ac efficiency. When the location is too close to light fixtures or electrical appliances, the ac unit gets tricked by the emitted heat surrounding them; wasted energy by false input. You get higher bills and wasted use of your ac unit, thus increasing the frequency need for ac repair The Woodlands.
  • Myth: You only need to clean your ac unit once a year
    • Truth: Dust is constantly inevitable and it clogs filters quickly. Change your air filters every 2-3 months and sooner if the ac unit constantly runs for longer periods of time.
  • Myth: Closing the air vents to unoccupied rooms reduces the load on your ac unit and saves you money.
    • Truth: Modern units are built to be balanced in pressure, so you intentionally closing the vents can cause an imbalance, making your HVAC system overhaul, leading to more ac repair The Woodlands and decreasing the lifespan of the unit.

A solid ac unit is essential today, but there is a lot of information surrounding the best buy as well as proper use to fully extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. If it happens that you forget the truth to the debunked myths and your habits cause the need for ac repair The Woodlands, contact Expert Air today to schedule your repairs.

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