The Facts About Ducts

You may know that you have ducts running through your home, and you might even know where they are, but what exactly do they do? Do they need to be maintained? How do you know if you are having an issue with your ductwork? 

Ducts are an important part of your HVAC system because all of the air that your HVAC system pushes whether it be heating or cooling is through your ducts. A common issue with ducts is leaks and cracks that can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. However, most duct issues go unnoticed because they are not easily seen because they are located in the ceiling, floor, or walls. Even though the ducts are out of sight, there are signs that can indicate that you have leaks in your ducts.

  • Do you hear a rumbling, cracking, or whistling sound when you turn on your HVAC system?
  • Have you noticed an unexplained rise in your utility bill?
  • Do you smell a strange odor when you start your HVAC system?

These are all signs that you should have your ducts inspected, repaired, and sealed. Another key indicator of ducts that may need to be repaired or replaced is the age of the home. If you’re not sure about the age of the ductwork in your home, the pros at Expert Air can assess your ducts and determine what is needed in order to make sure your ducts are functioning properly.

By maintaining your ductwork on a regular basis, you may notice an increase in efficiency in your system and that the quality of air in your home will improve with fewer contaminants getting through the system.

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