Clean the Air in Your Home with UV Germicidal Lights

Indoor air quality is vital to proper health standards and overall quality of life. Your comfort at home goes beyond the temperature setting of your a/c or heater unit. You may not even think about the air you are breathing because after all you don’t really see the air. Now you may see dust particles but there is so much more than that floating around us at all times. The list of obvious potentials that impact indoor air quality are more than a few but mostly, pollen, dust, pet dander, people dander, dirt, debris, etc. Now let’s discuss how the plethora of germs surrounding us highly influences our indoor air quality.

Germs spread bacteria and viruses, so we know to wash our hands before we eat, before we touch our face, etc., but what about all the germs on all the surfaces of every item inside your home or office? You can’t possibly constantly keep that clean, or can you? UV (Ultraviolet) Germicidal Lights can do a better clean for your indoor air quality than any effort you may attempt on your own.

UV Germicidal Lights emit UV rays that have no negative effect or byproduct.They are safe for humans and animals alike, and they are installed inside your HVAC system. The main beneficial difference between your standing air filters and electronic systems and UV germicidal lights is that the latter is about destroying living biological pollutants that simply cannot be filtered out. All the common pollutants you likely thought of initially, those can all be filtered out with standard methods. Clean air and proper indoor quality is two-fold for it is about air filtration and biological pollutant sanitation.

The beauty and key to UV lighting is that it kills pollutants on a biological level, down to the core. The pollutant will no longer be able to reproduce, thus stopping the spread. With your standard air filtration methods, the pollutants are trapped but not dead.

If you are ready to make your indoor air quality the best, contact Expert Air today to discuss the most beneficially fitting UV lighting options for your home or office.

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