What Does a Heat Pump Do?

Simply put, the heat pump uses the outside air to heat a home in the winter months while using the same outside air to cool a home during the summer months. The outdoor unit is referred to as a heat pump. Heat energy is always present, whether in cold or hot temperatures. The heat pump acts like an air conditioner during the summer, removing heat from your home.

A major advantageous aspect of the heat pump is that it doesn’t generate heat, but moves heat, making it more energy efficient. The HVAC system is powered by electricity. What makes the heat pump more energy-efficient is how they operate. The heat pump uses renewable energy in the form of low temperature heat

The major components of the heat pump include:

The outdoor unit
– compressor, reverse valve, fan and motor, defrost control, and electrical components

Air Handler
– evaporator coil, blower motor, electric heater pack

If it seems time to replace your heat pump, contact the professionals at Expert Air to schedule our installation, your maintenance check, or your repair service.Heat pumps are on a 240-volt circuit, so severe shock or electrocution is possible without a thorough understanding of electricity, so don’t attempt to do the repair yourself.  Most systems today are so technologically advanced that the complexity of repair is more intensive.

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