Why We Don’t Provide Estimates Over the Phone

It is that time of the year when the service calls we receive daily are primarily about air conditioning systems not cooling. These can range from compressors not working, the need for freon, ductwork issues, faulty thermostats, and a multitude of other reasons. Calling for professional repair work at the first signs of trouble is crucial to being able to make repairs before the issue becomes a costly replacement.

At Expert Air we do not provide estimates over the phone. The main reason for this is that it is important for one of our technicians to evaluate the system in person to troubleshoot what is causing the problem onsite. For example, you may think that your air conditioning system needs a simple refrigerant refill, but upon inspection, it is a more serious problem than merely filling the system will not fix the issue. In fact, filling a leaking system is like throwing money away if the leak isn’t fixed as well. 

For a service call, we charge an $89 diagnostic fee. Once our technician evaluates the situation, he will provide a written estimate thoroughly explaining the issue and what is needed to fix the problem. If you are in agreement with the estimate, the technician will fix the problem right away with parts already stocked on his truck, or he will order the parts needed and schedule a return visit to fix the issue. 

If you’d like to avoid the $89 diagnostic fee and receive priority scheduling, we recommend joining our maintenance program called the Be Cool Club. For $169 a year, you will receive two (2) maintenance checks – Spring and Fall a year, priority scheduling, 24-hour emergency service, discounts on heating and cooling repairs, heating, and cooling equipment, air quality accessories, and a 100% discount on service fees, meaning you don’t pay the $89 diagnostic fee! Additional units are $149 a year.

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