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When temperatures start rising above 70 degrees, residents in Magnolia TX start relying on the cooling comfort of their homeair conditioning units. Did you proactively have maintenance upkeep done on your ac unit? Most commonly, users do not partake in regular maintenance efforts during the colder months because the a/c unit isn’t being used. The time has come to test your ac units before your heavily using it on a regular basis. Texas heat can get intense, so while it’s still mildly cool, schedule your inspection today with Expert Air.

Air Conditioning units are as crucial as car engines. Your car engine must be in good condition to be reliable, so too must the ac unit. Whether you need a/c repair, a/c replacement, or a/c installation in Magnolia TX, contact Expert Air today for your AC Repair Magnolia. The complexity of the ac unit, means a lot can go wrong over time, and all components work together, so one issue can make bigger issues for the whole. Whether it’s regular wear and tear or due to lack of maintenance, common ac issues include:


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Is cold air not blowing out of your air registers even though you set your thermostat to cool? Do you notice that some rooms in your home heat or cool slower than other rooms?

Do some rooms not cool at all? Have you noticed a spike in your energy bill? Water marks on your ceiling? Or maybe that your AC system has totally stopped running.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call an AC professional as soon as possible. Every component of your AC system is connected, so one malfunctioning part could lead to further damage if it’s not addressed in time.

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Expert Air's 13-Point AC Inspection & Tune-Up

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We offer a 13-point inspection and tune-up that we recommend every year to keep your system in optimal condition and to address any issues before they affect other components:

  • Check and rinse the condenser coil- Foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the system's capacity to remove heat from the house. Benefit- Extends the life of the system and saves money on electricity.
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors -Improper voltage and amperage can reduce significantly the life of the compressor, evaporator, and condenser motor. Benefit- Extends the life of the system.
  • Check and adjust blower components-Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components are necessary for adequate airflow. Benefit- Avoids costly service call, saves money on fuel costs.
  • Check condensate drain and clean if necessary-A clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage to the furnace as well as affect indoor humidity levels. Benefit- Saves money on fuel, extends life of system.
  • Check operation pressure for proper refrigerant charge-Improper refrigerant charge, too much or too little, could damage the compressor and could cause high electric bills through a curtailment of system efficiency. Benefit- Saves money on fuel, extends life of system.
  • Check all safety controls-Essential for proper protection of system. Benefit- Assures safety of your home and family.
  • Calibrate thermostat-An improperly calibrated thermostat will call for more or less cooling than desired. The former will cost you money, the latter will cost you comfort. Benefit- Saves money on utility costs, increases comfort.
  • Check that the condenser is level-A condenser was designed to operate on a level surface. The condenser will operate quietly, efficiently and for it's designed life if these conditions exist. Benefit- Extends life, avoids costly service calls.
  • Check all electrical connections-Loose connections cause improper voltage to various components, making them either inoperative or causing eventual failure. Benefit- Extends life, assures efficiency.
  • Check temperature drop-By checking the actual degrees of temperature drop throughout your system, our technician can pinpoint whether or not your system is actually cooling your home like you want it to. Benefit- Assures total system efficiency.
  • Check fins on outside condensing unit-By checking the fins on your unit our technician can increase the air flow through your unit, saving you money and extending the life of your condenser coils. Benefit- Extends life, saves money on fuel.
  • Inspect the suction and the liquid line- By checking the lines to be sure that they are free and clear of all obstacles and that all fittings are tight, refrigerant leakage can be prevented. Benefit- Saves money on refrigerant, helps the environment.
  • Inspect the filter-A dirty filter can reduce airflow and make your unit work harder. Benefit- Saves money on electric bills.