When to Replace Your Heat Pump

Do you have a heat pump in The Woodlands or Baytown area that you’re considering replacing? Do you want to do what is best for your home and your family when it comes to home heating and cooling but you’re not sure what that is?

When it comes to replacing your heat pump, the choice is ultimately up to you. Here are some times when our The Woodlands HVAC professionals at Expert Air Cooling & Heating recommend considering a heat pump replacement.

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1) You’re Never the Right Temp at Home

If your heat pump isn’t keeping you warm or cool as needed, it might be time to replace it. We can try some maintenance first, if you prefer, and then you can decide from there.

2) Your Heat Pump is Always Running

Is your heat pump always on, even when outdoor temps are mild? Running all the time can indicate that your heat pump simply can’t keep up anymore. Keep track of how much and how often it runs and how comfortable you are. When it is always on and you are still not the right temp, consider replacing it.

3) You Repair Your Heat Pump Regularly

Do you have to call to get your heat pump fixed all the time? Most heat pumps should not require more than one or two repair calls a year, at most! If yours needs more repairs than that, it might be a better investment to buy a new one instead.

4) Your Utility Bills Keep Going Up

Does your heat pump seem to be using more energy than ever before? Is it costing more to run even as you’re more frequently uncomfortable at home? As heat pumps age, they can’t work as efficiently and, eventually, will need to be replaced so you can stay comfortable for a reasonable price.

5) Your Heat Pump Makes Unexpected Sounds

Unexpected sounds can indicate a number of different heat pump issues. The only way to find out what is going on and if they mean a repair is in the cards for you is to have a professional diagnose the problem.

6) You are Facing Major Heat Pump Repairs

Sometimes, it’s a better idea financially to buy a new heat pump rather than repair the old one. If your repair costs are more than half of the cost of heat pump replacement, we will talk to you about all of your options.

For more tips, read our blog post about 4 Signs You Need Heating Repair.

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