Four Warning Signs You Need Heater Repairs

Living in the Houston area, the climate is synonymous with high humidity and hot temperatures. However last February Houstonians learned that cold and frigid temperatures can make an appearance in Houston during the winter months as well. At Expert Air, we want you and your family to be as safe and comfortable in your home regardless of the temperatures outside. 

At Expert Air we recommend that you take care of repairs as they happen to avoid large replacement costs down the road. Additionally, ignoring what are initially minor repairs could lead to the damage getting worse, the problem causes a hidden danger in your home, and you could potentially void the equipment warranty you have on your system.

Signs of An Issue

There are a few signs you should look for that could mean your heater or furnace is in need of repairs. 

  •  Unusually high electric bill. If you notice your electric bill is unusually high, there could be a couple of culprits. The fan turns on but doesn’t turn off or is blowing cold air. The blower turns on and off too frequently. The controls on your HVAC system are not working.
  • Uneven heating and cold spots. If you notice that some rooms are hotter or colder than others you may have a faulty pilot light that won’t stay on, or the heater won’t shut off.
  • Loud furnace. Is your furnace making strange or unfamiliar when it comes on? It could be something as simple as something that has come loose, but really unusual noises could signal a part wearing out which can lead to major damage. Even equipment that is well maintained will age and break down due to normal wear and tear eventually.
  • Air Quality. It’s not unusual to smell a slight burning smell the first time you turn your furnace on for the season, but if the smell persists or it is an extremely strong odor, this could be the result of worn or broken equipment or mold.

One way to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the seasons of the year is to join the Expert Air Be Cool Maintenance Plan. For $169 a year you receive two (2) maintenance checks (spring/summer, fall/winter), priority scheduling, 24-hour emergency service, and various discounts on service, accessories, and equipment. For details about the program visit

At the first sign of heating or cooling issues with your HVAC system give us a call at 281-428-7344. 

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