How to Change a Furnace Filter

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Many homeowners know that they should change their furnace filters regularly, as it’s an important part of heating maintenance that has many benefits. However, some homeowners may not know how to change their furnace filter. This can be especially difficult if you’ve just moved into a new home or if you have gotten a new furnace.

That’s why our The Woodlands furnace experts have put together these step by step instructions on how to change your furnace filter

Continue reading to learn how to tackle this part of heating maintenance yourself or feel free to reach out to us with any furnace-related questions you may have!

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Find the Manual

You can always check the manual that came with your furnace for instructions on how to do this. Your manual should show you exactly where your service panel is and should tell you what size furnace filter you need. Make sure you have everything you need before you start the project so you can turn your furnace on again as soon as possible, especially when it’s cold outside.

While it’s often the same, the instructions below may not work for every furnace. If you don’t have the manual or you didn’t install the furnace so you don’t know where it is, you can look online. Search by the manufacturer and model of your furnace and you will usually be able to find it.

Changing the Filter

That said, changing a furnace filter usually involves the following steps:

  1. Turn off your furnace. You may need to flip the breaker for the unit if there’s not a switch that’s easy to find in your furnace room or furnace area.
  2. Locate your service panel. This may be on the front or side of your furnace. It might be quite large or relatively small, depending on the unit.
  3. Remove the service panel. This can usually be done with basic tools that most homeowners have lying around the house.
  4. Find the current filter and remove it. You may want to be careful with this if it is particularly dirty or if you’ve had heavy smoke or construction in your area. Note the orientation of the filter.
  5. Put in the new filter. Make sure you have oriented it properly so it does its job as designed. If you’re not sure how to orient it, try to remember how the previous one was placed.
  6. Replace the panel and turn the furnace back on. Never turn your furnace on when the service panel is not in place.

Furnace Experts in The Woodlands & Baytown Area Are Standing By!

If you aren’t comfortable changing your own furnace filter or you want to have a heating expert in The Woodlands or a Baytown heating pro show you how to do it on your unit, call us at Expert Air Cooling & Heating. We would be happy to come out, change your filter, and show you how you can do it in the future! Having some other furnace issue? Be sure to read our blog post about common furnace problems and how to fix them!

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