How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Did you know that you can help your home get through winter in great shape? It’s true!

You can support your HVAC system and other home systems to help ensure that you don’t need urgent heating repairs in The Woodlands, TX, or heating repairs in Baytown, TX this winter.

Keep reading to learn what you can do, or simply reach out to our HVAC experts with any questions you may have!

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Block Air Leaks

Start by blocking air leaks. If you have spaces under doors where cold air comes in, try blocking them with door draft stoppers. You can use these on outdoor doors or on doors between rooms when you’re trying to heat one room in particular.

You can also caulk or fill leaks around windows and in other locations throughout your home. Leaks let out the warm air your heating system works so hard to produce, so filling them means less wear and tear for the system.

Change Furnace Filters

Putting in a new furnace filter every one to three months also helps save your Baytown HVAC system a lot of stress and strain. This minor furnace maintenance task makes them cheaper to run and helps them last longer.

Clean Out Gutters

Clean out your gutters every fall. Winter often brings rain and snow, which need to drain off your roof so they don’t cause problems later. Clogged gutters can mean ice dams on your roof, which can lead to leaks and more. If you aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder up to your gutters, pay someone local to remove debris for you.

Prepare Pipes to Prevent Freezing

If you worry about frozen pipes, there are a few things you can do before winter comes to help prevent the problem. Wrap any outdoor pipes and pipes along uninsulated walls with insulation. You can get this at your local hardware store. You should also unscrew outdoor hoses from spigots and keep your faucets dripping when it gets particularly cold outside. This keeps the water moving through your system so it can’t stagnate and freeze.

Call for Heating Maintenance in Baytown and The Woodlands, TX

Get heating maintenance in Baytown, TX or the Woodlands, TX done once a year, regardless of the type of heating system you have. The best time to do this is right before you turn the heater on for the winter, but you can do it anytime as long as it’s done regularly. When you call us for this service at Expert Air, we’ll test each component of your heater and let you know if you need any repairs. Read our blog post to learn more about “The Many Benefits of Heating Maintenance” from our experts!

Reach out to our team at Expert Air Heating and Cooling today for heating maintenance in The Woodlands, TX, and Baytown, TX, or for any other HVAC help you need at home.

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